Easy Ways to Be Green Around Your Home

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In the late 80′s, green was just a color in the rainbow, not an environmental movement. Maybe it’s because I’m 20+ years into adulthood and I see the benefits, both environmentally and financially of being a good steward of our resources. Happy Earth Day 2014! My first experience with Earth Day was back in the late 80′s when my college Biology class took a trip to downtown Pittsburgh for the city’s Earth Day celebration.

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Is ‘Going Green’ Killing Our Economy?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

With the movement of environmental concern, the world is in flux. The shift towards improved technologies has been assisted by the movement of environmental awareness. While the environmental movement is not the sole cause of this shift in the patterns of our everyday lives, it does contribute. With the weakened economy, wouldn’t it be easy enough to ignore this recent environmental awareness and continue on without any radical change?


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On Environmentalism Becoming Consumerism

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

But lately, this word is thrown around without much concern over how it is used, and some version of it is showing up in the advertising and marketing of goods and services that are actually anything but “environmental.”. Cars are environmentally-friendly, toxic skincare products are labeled “natural,” and gadgets are designed to help you be more “green.” Environmentalism and sustainable living isn’t about buying a product to make yourself more green or friendly to nature.

Why You Should Live Green

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

For a while now, many people have believed that making changes that are more environmentally friendly , or ‘greener’, is more expensive than continuing along in the same way they always have. As the environmental movement has gathered momentum, green products and services have become cheaper. The green movement is gaining strength around the world.

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