On Environmentalism Becoming Consumerism

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For years, I have called myself an “environmentalist” in that I care about the state of the environment and its affect on the human species. Most of the time I never really think about it, it’s just the word I use to describe myself when discussing my interests.

What are your favorite frugal blogs?

The Frugal Girl

Seems like a lot of the “money-saving” blogs are really about deals / coupons / sales and end up encouraging more consumerism. Reader Lara left this comment: Do you have any frugal blog recommendations? I love yours, of course, but always looking for more!

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The Deadly Sins of Personal Finance

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If you let yourself turn to consumerism excessively, you’ll likely become indebted. Consumerism. Of course consumerism is a deadly sin of finance. Consumerism stems from many places but can start from when we are young children if we are exposed to television and radio ads.

Frugal wardrobe.

Finally Frugal

minimalism consumerismAs I continue to cast a critical eye over my belongings (how did I get so much STUFF?), I keep coming across these projects that are designed to remind us how little we actually need! First, I read about the Six Items or Less project, in which participants pledge to choose SIX items of clothing (not including undergarments, outerwear and accessories, of course) from their closets and wear only those items for an entire month.

19 Articles to Help You Prepare for Back to School

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Sales Tax Holiday 2011 at Consumerism Commentary - A list of dates, states participating, the items that will be relieved of a sales tax and the maximum cost. The Best Back to School Shopping Tips at Consumerism Commentary.

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Eco-Friendly Properties – The Next Big Thing of 2019

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Evidence suggests that consumers are now more aware of ethical and environmental issues surrounding the goods and services they use, with research from the Ethical Consumerism Report revealing that 50 per cent of consumers had avoided a product due to a company’s bad reputation. There’s no doubt that the world has become more conscious of environmental issues over recent years.

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Reasons to Avoid Debt in 2014

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I’m sure you’ve heard: household debt is on the rise and consumerism is everywhere. Our society is so set on consumerism and having the latest and greatest of everything that many people are willing to go into debt to ensure they can have it all.

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3 tips for resisting marketing and advertising temptation

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Because the Western economy is based around consumerism we’re surrounded by adverts and marketing campaigns. One of the biggest challenges when you’re trying to save money is resisting retail temptation. Talk about being hoist by our own petard. But we’re stuck with the system, at least for now. It’s actually slightly sinister when you start to. read more. Discounts & Tips avoid advertising save money spend less

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

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Buying something cheap just because it’s a good deal falls into the category of “mindless consumerism” and it can lead to long-term money problems down the road. I’ve never been much of a frugalista.

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Friday Links – Week Three of Chaos

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Check out Jennifer’s post at Broke-Ass Mommy about her techniques for curbing that pesky consumerism itch. Hi everyone. This week has been as hectic as the last two. I am still alive though so this is a good sign.

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5 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Child About Money- Part 1

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This week, Flexo at Consumerism Commentary shares his thoughts on this matter. 5 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Child About Money is a series that will run every Tuesday for the next few weeks where some of the top personal finance bloggers share their thoughts on this topic.

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5 Christian Parenting eBooks for Just $7.40

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Today’s typical lifestyle is marked by busyness, consumerism, and stress. This week’s bundle includes encouragement for the weary mom, practical parenting tips and devotions to help you focus your heart even from the trenches of parenthood.

How Denim Can Be Bad For The Environment

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Companies Running Buy One, Donate One Programs For Those in… On Environmentalism Becoming Consumerism. Did you know that the manufacturing of the denim jean, a wardrobe staple of most human beings on earth, can actually be quite destructive to the environment?

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Repair, Don’t Replace

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You can take an active role in changing our throw away society to one that produces less waste, and reduces consumerism. What do you do when a pair of socks gets a hole in the heel? How about when a lamp stops working?

Sustainable Gift Giving this Holiday Season

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Now that the holiday season is underway, it’s probably a little difficult to scale back the consumerism. However, it is possible to have a greener Christmas, as well as find gifts that are a little more eco-friendly.

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8 Ways to Inspire Children to Help Others

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Children are constantly being bombarded by advertising for the newest and latest ‘thing’ and are being swept along by the aggressive consumerism of our times. We seem to be living in the midst of a ‘ME’ generation where all thoughts are for what is in it for oneself.

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How to Embrace a Sustainable Living Lifestyle

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Prominent scientists have written about the dangers of continuing the rate of development and growth of consumerism-driven societies, but their warnings have largely fallen on deaf ears. When you practise sustainability, you adopt a lifestyle that is termed sustainable living.

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How to Establish an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

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Reuse and recycle – consumerism has taught us to throw away anything that is broken or that we no longer want or need. Sustainability is the process of adopting a sustainable lifestyle that ensures the conservation and security of the Earth’s natural resources.

Ways to Have a Green Christmas

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Take It Easy On the Consumerism. The holidays are, hands down, one of the most environmentally unfriendly holidays of the year. Pair that with Thanksgiving right before it and it makes me squirm just thinking about it. Christmas comes fraught with environmental issues.

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5 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Child About Money- Part 2

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Last week Flexo at Consumerism Commentary shared his thoughts on this matter. 5 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Child About Money is a series that will run every Tuesday for the next few weeks where some of the top personal finance bloggers share their thoughts on this topic.

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Live Green and Get More Green in Your Wallet

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Avoid Consumerism. Guest Post Author Bio: The following is a guest post by Lisa at Car Insurance Comparison, an Australian blog created to help its readers compare car insurance in and around their areas.

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Finally Frugal

The vast majority of these "money moves" involve some form of consumerism, whether it's purchasing the 'best' video camera, obtaining the 'best' rewards credit card, or buying a $350 thermostat to 'save' money on heating and cooling. I am naturally drawn to those '10 best.' or '20 best.' of whatever, whether it be '10 best places to retire' or '5 best cities to find a job', or what-have-you. I'm not sure why I love them so much but they catch my eye and my mouse click at the same time.

Delayed Gratification: A Strategy to Curb Over-Spending and Secure A Sound Financial Future

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The consumerism of the current financial climate drives us to acquire more and more ‘stuff’, whether we really need it or not. We are all guilty of making decisions that aren’t in our best interest; it’s just human nature, I guess.

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P.E.P. for Week of January 10-14/11-Seeking Balance Edition

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Flexo from Consumerism Commentary asks us if we should combine money with our spouses ? Well, I don’t know about you but this week has felt very long and tiring. Both my husband and I have been feeling quite tired this week.

P.E.P. for the Week of February 14-18/11-Planning Edition

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Consumerism Commentary asks us if we are better off than our parents ? This week we are busy bees planning. We are co-hosting a bday party for a dear friend of mine this Saturday and we are in charge of all the food.

P.E.P. for the Week of February 7-11/11- Valentine’s Kiss Edition

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Consumerism Commentary talks about financial motivation for getting in shape. With Valentine’s Day making it’s appearance next week, I thought it would be fun to talk about the kissing part of the holiday.