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Composting for Beginners

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Growing up, I remember my mom always sending me out to the composting bin with a bucket full of (what I thought was) gross bits and pieces of food waste. I remember opening the lid of our composting bin and what felt like a billion wasps, bees, and fruit flies coming out of the bin. I love seeing the worms and bees in the compost.

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Getting People to Help Compost

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

This past summer I decided to start composting. Benefits of Composting. Before digging into how I convinced them to start composting, I want to give a quick blurb on why composting is important. By composting, I was finally doing something and working toward something to keep creation healthier.

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My Backyard Compost

Family Balance Sheet

My composting adventures all started about 9 years ago when our local Penn State Cooperative Extension office offered a free composting bin (the round one in the picture) when you attended their free composting seminar. I have a system going, but I am a laid back composter. So what did I learn at the seminar?

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How to Make your Own Compost

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Composting is something my hubby and I do and love. Compost is possibly the most efficient and useful way of disposing of household waste; nearly 40% of this waste is compostable. Compost is then be used on the garden as an organic and valuable fertilizer and soil improver. Why make compost? Types of composting .

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How to Compost Without Fancy Equipment

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Basically there are two reasons to compost. The second is supplementary to the first–you use the compost as fertilizer. Although there are numerous aids available to assist you in composting, it all comes down to the fundamentals; make a pile of biodegradable matter and wait until it breaks down. No Need to Get Fancy.

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World Wisdom: Clear Drop Recycling Innovations

Motherhood Moments

What advantages does the organics collector have over other home composting systems? Home composting systems are good for many, but they take only so much material. Some quick composters require a lot of energy. Our design is made for everyone, it is easy to use and does not involve dealing with compost.

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Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin

Couponing 101

Check out how to create your own worm composting bin. Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin is a post from Couponing 101. This is a great way to reduce food waste, add great nutrients to your garden/yard soil, and save on fertilizer! Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share? Please send me an email !

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