Composting for Beginners

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Growing up, I remember my mom always sending me out to the composting bin with a bucket full of (what I thought was) gross bits and pieces of food waste. I remember opening the lid of our composting bin and what felt like a billion wasps, bees, and fruit flies coming out of the bin. Now, as an adult with her own home and garden, composting is (pathetically?) I love seeing the worms and bees in the compost. Why Compost? Composting can save you money.

My Backyard Compost

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My composting adventures all started about 9 years ago when our local Penn State Cooperative Extension office offered a free composting bin (the round one in the picture) when you attended their free composting seminar. I was just starting to garden, and quite frankly I had no idea what a compost was until I saw the ad for the seminar. About a year later, our township offered square composting bins for $12, which was quite a steal, so I bought one and I was on my way.


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Getting People to Help Compost

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This past summer I decided to start composting. Benefits of Composting. Before digging into how I convinced them to start composting, I want to give a quick blurb on why composting is important. By composting, I was finally doing something and working toward something to keep creation healthier. So how did I get people whom I was essentially a guest to compost? I made the barrel that the compost was put into outside. Start composting today!!!

Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin

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Check out how to create your own worm composting bin. Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin is a post from Couponing 101. Frugal Tips Organic/Natural compost bin composting DIY compost bin frugal tip green make your own compost bin organic and natural worm compostingThis is a great way to reduce food waste, add great nutrients to your garden/yard soil, and save on fertilizer! Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share?

How to Make your Own Compost

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Composting is something my hubby and I do and love. Compost is possibly the most efficient and useful way of disposing of household waste; nearly 40% of this waste is compostable. Compost is then be used on the garden as an organic and valuable fertilizer and soil improver. Make use of this wonderful garden asset like us by learning how to make your own compost. Why make compost? Compost helps your plants resist disease and insect attack.

How to Compost Without Fancy Equipment

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Basically there are two reasons to compost. The second is supplementary to the first–you use the compost as fertilizer. Microorganisms are responsible for changing the compost into useable nourishment for the soil, which supplies a new generation of plants, which feed animals, which feed other animals…you get the idea–it’s the cycle of life, and it all begins by making use of otherwise useless material. Related posts: Become A Compost Master with 7 Steps.

Frugal Gardening: Planet Natural Shares Compost Bin Buying Guide

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Tips for understanding and buying the right compost bin for your yard. Bargains Deals Frugal Living Green Living

FREE Kindle Book: Organic Composting

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I spotted a new free Kindle Book available today: Organic Composting by Steve Solomon. It’s a comprehensive guide to composting. Reviewers say it’s a simple and concise guide that makes starting your own organic compost simple. Check out the hundreds of free titles available from Amazon. Remember, you don’t need an Amazon Kindle to take advantage. You can download Kindle books to iPhones, select Blackberrys, Droids, iPads, Macs and PCs.

Lazy compost and even lazier wine…

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Lazy compost There are all manner of complicated and. Lazy is sometimes good. It often means you save time and hassle, which means you also save money. I’ve come across two quite spectacularly lazy ways to get a lot more in exchange for much less effort. 2 ways to spend less the lazy way 1. read more. Discounts & Tips cheap wine diy wine miracle machine

FREE Kindle Book: Composting Inside & Out

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FREE Kindle Book: Composting Inside & Out. Right now you can get this Kindle book, Composting Inside & Out: The comprehensive guide to reusing trash, saving money and enjoying the benefits of organic gardening for FREE (normally $16.99). I love finding FREE books, don’t you? Don’t have a kindle? Don’t worry – you can still read the book by getting the FREE applications on your iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad and more. Thanks Passion for Savings !).

Free composting lesson plan download via Scholastic

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Share this with your kids. cat:Bargains Deals

New $1.50 Off One Glad Compostable Trash Bags Coupon

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There is a new $1.50/1 Glad Compostable Bags coupon available under zip code 98052 -> household ~. Find more great coupons in the Coupon Database. Don't miss out on all the current freebies available! Share or Print This! Coupons Grocery Coupons Printable Coupons Coupon

Home Depot shares 'How to Compost' infographic

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Tips for composting. cat:Bargains Deals tag:Deals

Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks

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Stop by your local participating Starbucks and pick up a free pre-packaged bag of used coffee grounds to enrich your gardens and compost! Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks. Gardeners can score Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks!

Use over ripe fruit & decaying fruits to feed butterflies

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If you''re not composting, your rotting fruit and overripe fruit has a purpose. cat:Bargains Deals

3 Ingredient Homemade Whipped Cream

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You can make a powerful amount of whipped cream with a bag of sugar (which comes in a recyclable or compostable paper bag), a container of vanilla (technically a recyclable plastic bottle), and a pint or quart of whipped cream.

Square Foot Gardening: Starting Over With New Soil

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Even though I amended the soil in my boxed garden with compost over the years, the majority of the soil was thick, heavy clay that made pulling root vegetables, like carrots, very difficult. Besides, he would be working on spreading the 3 cubic yards of leaf compost that we ordered around the front yard landscape and other flower beds around our home. The leaf compost was delivered on Friday morning and we started our projects by the afternoon and worked all weekend.

10 Ways to Transform Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Haven

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Compost. No, composting doesn’t require a lot of space. Simply dedicate a container where you’ll deposit compostable materials, ideally with a good cover. Composting helps reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills, and also gives you a source of eco-friendly fertiliser. It’s almost every day that we’re bombarded with news about climate change and its massive effects to nature and humankind.

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Meet a Reader | Kaitlin, Minnesota medical mama

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We contract our own trash pick up and pay by the size of the trash can, so if we make less trash (buy fewer things, recycle, compost) we save money and help the environment. When Kaitlin sent in her responses and I saw that she included pictures of herself, I was all, “Woohoo!”

Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks

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Stop by your local participating Starbucks and pick up a free pre-packaged bag of used coffee grounds to enrich your gardens and compost! Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks Gardeners can score Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks! These bags can usually be found in a bin or container near the entrance […]. The post Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks appeared first on FTM. Free Stuff Freebies

Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks

For the Mommas

Stop by your local participating Starbucks and pick up a free pre-packaged bag of used coffee grounds to enrich your gardens and compost! Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks. Gardeners can score Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks! These bags can usually be found in a bin or container near the entrance of the store. Note: Pre-packaged bags of Grounds for Your Garden may not be available in all stores, so be sure to check with your barista or call ahead.

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Start Planning and Budgeting for Summer TODAY!

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How to Start & Maintain a Backyard Compost. I have over 40 gardening posts in my archives , with topics ranging from vertical gardening, square foot gardening, planting vegetables and herbs, composting, recipes from my gardening harvest, and more.

How to Find Free or Low Cost Gardening Seminars

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Although if I remember correctly, the potato went into the compost; it got moldy before it sprouted. I have taken seminars on gardening, landscaping, and composting and all of them were either free or extremely inexpensive. In fact, I received a free compost bin (the round one below) at a free composting seminar. Years ago, my county had a special offer of composting bins (the square one in the above picture) for $12.

What to Know About Growing a Balcony Container Garden

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Compost and mulch: Just as you can enrich the soil in a more traditional garden, it’s possible to do the same with your container garden. You can do composting on a smaller scale, and even use mulch, to prepare your soil. Work on composting in your containers through the winter, and when spring comes, your soil will be ready.

Free Gardening 101: Friendship Gardens Kindle Edition

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In this book you will learn organic and sustainable growing practices on a range of gardening topics : Garden bed preparations, soil life, spring gardening, summer gardening, fall gardening, watering, composting, planting, and more. Free Gardening 101: Friendship Gardens Kindle Edition. Friendship Gardens is a nonprofit project teaching gardening and growing food for Friendship Trays, Charlotte’s meals on wheels program.

How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

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Compost. First, you will want to create a compost pile that will produce organic fertilizer for your soil. There are also compost bins that you can purchase from home and garden stores that will hold your compost. You should moisten and stir your compost often. If your compost is ready to use, you should then place a fairly thick layer of it on top of the soil. Afterwards, water your garden and rake the layer of compost into the soil.

Easy Ways to Be Green Around Your Home

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I started a backyard compost many years ago before we had kids. Now the compost is also a science lesson for my kids. Happy Earth Day 2014! My first experience with Earth Day was back in the late 80′s when my college Biology class took a trip to downtown Pittsburgh for the city’s Earth Day celebration. The event was less than impressive to today’s standards, but very much ahead of its time.

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Don’t Dig a Money Pit in Your Garden

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Compost Yard And Garden Waste. Instead, use composted yard and garden waste. You can purchase commercial composting bins or build a pen with fence posts and chicken wire. If you have too much brown the decomposition will be slow and if there is too much green your compost bin will get a bit odiferous. When done right, this home composted material will feed the plants in your garden and help deliver beautiful, high-yield plants. You had the best intentions.

Green Living: There's Always Room for Improvement

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We compost much of our food and garden scraps. As a family, we try to be good stewards of our environment: We crossed 10 paper products off our grocery list and replaced them with reusable alternatives. We opt out of lawn chemicals. We conserve water (and save money) during the summer. In the warmer months, I hang our laundry outside to dry. But when I took our recycling bins out to the curb this week, I noticed that there is still room for improvement.

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Save money growing your own vegetables.

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Organic compost soil is most environmentally friendly, and by starting a composting site within your own garden you can also help enrich your own soil throughout the seasons. There are few healthier and better ways to save money than organically growing your own fruit and vegetables in your own garden.

Our Green & Money Savvy Path

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Compost kitchen scraps. Compost our leaves and grass. Use compostable garbage bags. My hubby and I are a dual income family living in a suburban home, but we are not your typical family. We are on a mission to live a more sustainable, frugal, and financially savvy life. Today I wanted to share with you the steps we have taken: Energy saving changes we’ve made : Turn off our computer every night. Replaced incandescent bulbs with LED's. Replaced our old wooden front door.

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

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Discard the seeds ( in your compost ) or roast them like you would pumpkin seeds. It's uncanny how much cooked spaghetti squash looks like pasta. What's even more uncanny is that my kids didn't question that it wasn't pasta. When they asked, "what's for dinner", I honestly said, "spaghetti squash." They didn't even flinch; they just gobbled it up like they do when they eat pasta.

How to Save Cash and Your Health With a Garden

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The Contribution to the Planet One cost-saving strategy you can use in your veggie garden is to make your own compost. Compost is a natural fertilizer and soil conditioner that will help your plants grow big and strong, while keeping the nutrients in the soil. Making your own compost will save you around $35 to $60. There really is nothing like the experience of eating something that you have just picked fresh from your own garden. Trust me!

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Urban Farm Magazine Subscription – $8.99 per Year

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Articles include how-to projects, gardening basics, composting, beekeeping, roof-top gardening, preserving and freezing, and time and money-saving ideas. Today only, subscribe to Urban Farm Magazine for only $8.99 per year (40% off)! You can order up to 1 years at this price! Just enter coupon code FORTHEMOMMAS. A guide for those in cities or suburbs looking to become more self-sufficient by growing some of their own food and treading lightly on the environment in the space they have.

Clean Your Bath & Kitchen Drains Naturally

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Instead of throwing a used lemon or lime in the trash or compost, cut it into smaller pieces and drop it down the garbage disposal. Years ago, I learned the hard way how important it is to keep your bathroom drain clean and clear. We had quite the clog and at the time my first inclination was to buy some drain cleaner. I hesitated when I read the warnings on the label, but I was desperate to not have to brush my teeth in the bathtub.

Celebrating Our Earth One Change At A Time

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From composting and saving rain water to using cloth napkins and reusable grocery bags, I have made many changes in my life over the last 20 years. Happy Earth Day 2011! I remember my first Earth Day celebration. It was back in 1989 and I was a college sophomore. My Biology II class went on a field trip to Pittsburgh's Earth Day celebration. It was in downtown Pittsburgh at a park where the three rivers meet, if I remember correctly.

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How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

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Instead of throwing the seeds into the compost, I roast them up for a fun snack. Every year, daddy and the girls carve a pumpkin or two. It's super easy and the flavor variations are endless. How to Roast Pumpkin (and other fall squash) Seeds. Remove seeds from pumpkin or squash. Rinse the seeds and remove any remaining pulp. I'm not going to lie, it is the most tedious job to remove the pulp. Do the best you can and it's okay if some pulp is left.

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Front Yard Landscaping: Spring Clean Up!

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In place of wood chips, we buy leaf compost from our township. We spent the past weekend yanking weeds, trimming the edges, spreading mulch, and sprucing up our front yard landscaping. We clean up the front yard every April and the project always seems so overwhelming when the mulch is delivered. NEEDED. Weeds. weeds. and more WEEDS. It is less expensive than the wood chips and that big pile in our driveway (above) only cost $35. Doesn't mulching make a world of difference?

10 Ways To Make Your Home A Zero-Waste Facility

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Shredded paper can be put in compost piles. Don’t Waste Food Cook only the amount you will eat, refrigerate any leftovers, and compost anything else. Most of us by now have heard the phrase “ zero-waste ,” especially when referring to manufacturing facilities or even restaurants.

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How To Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

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For example, most leftover food scraps can even be composted ( other than meat, of course ) so they can be brought home if a school or workplace doesn’t do composting. Chances are that at least some of the time you bring your own bagged lunch to work or to school. Sure, there are days when you go out for a nice meal with co-workers or pay for the school lunch on pizza day, but when I think back to my school days I fondly remember those brown paper bags.

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Summer Fun Guide 2019

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How to Start & Maintain a Backyard Compost. I have over 40 gardening posts in my archives , with topics ranging vertical gardening, square foot gardening, planting vegetables and herbs, composting, recipes from my gardening harvest, and more. After a long-snowy-polar vortex winter, are you dreaming of blue skies and sunny days? We are! Summer is my kids’ favorite season. What’s not for them to love?

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How to Cut a Coconut

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I tossed the whole coconut in the compost. If you have compost, be sure to throw the husk into it. When coconuts were advertised for $1 recently, I decided it was time to learn how to cut a coconut. It seemed so intimidating to me. How was I going 'to cut' through the coconut? I'll ruin my good knives. Oh, silly me. You don't cut through a coconut. You take a hammer from your husband's workbench and give it a good whack.or several whacks and there are few steps before that.

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I've Been Featured Over at

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I was very excited to receive an email that My Backyard Composting article was being featured at on their Green Page. Have you been to ? BlogHer a community of women who blog and collectively they reach over 25 million unique visitors every month. Since 2005, BlogHer's mission has been "to create opportunities for women who blog to gain exposure, education, community and economic empowerment."

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