Our 2019 Financial Goal

Family Balance Sheet

In 2018, we decided to focus on just 2 main financial goals and before I share my 2019 goals I thought I would give you a recap on 2018. Why We Chose Medi-Share, an affordable solution to traditional health insurance. 2018 Update What is your big financial goal for 2019?

Save Up to 85% on Your Prescriptions!

Couponing 101

Even with decent health insurance, it’s been hard on my wallet to pay for many of my prescriptions. Health & Beauty coupon card Coupons Pharmacy pharmacy coupons pharmacy deals Prescriptions

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FFT | 2 hat tips to Mr. FG!

The Frugal Girl

These are from November of 2019 and I am still trying to get them paid! Health insurance is exhausting to deal with. Because credit is due where credit is due! Mr. FG cut our internet bill in half.

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Our 2018 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

I won’t rehash our health insurance story here, because I have written extensively about it and INCLUDED OUR NUMBERS. We blew through our health savings account, and now need to save another $10k so we’re not caught off guard if another emergency were to happen. Read our Health Insurance Story: . What We Left Traditional Health Insurance. Why We Chose Medi-Share, an affordable solution to traditional health insurance.

Tax Reform – What it Means for Employees

For the Mommas

One major change included in the tax reform law impacts Obamacare: the individual mandate will be repealed with this new tax law as of 2019. This means persons will no longer be required to “secure health insurance or pay a penalty.” If healthy individuals will choose not to have coverage with the elimination of the individual mandate, the balance of those who are insured will tip towards those who are sick, which will increase the cost of healthcare overall.)

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