What to Do When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Financial Goals

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We have already set up a pretty nice life together, and have made some pretty big financial commitments jointly. Despite our intertwined lives financially, we hadn’t combined finances up until recently. My fiancé and I are getting married in less than two months.

Setting Financial Goals: Make Them Smart and Simple

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You’ve heard the saying that nothing worthwhile is achieved without a goal? Well, this is especially true with your financial planning. Those who just go along, hoping for the best, are usually the ones who struggle financially or get themselves into too much debt.

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (tips from the achievers)

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Wonder what sets you apart from the people that seem to crush their financial goals? with their goals. These folks didn’t corner the market on goal success either, instead they just got the task DONE. His 2017 goal is to make $100,000 in online income.

Our Big Financial Goal for 2016

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It has been my obsession goal since we found ourselves in a dicey situation back in August 2013. Fortunately, I’ve never met a goal I couldn’t handle. The goal is to reduce our monthly spending where we can to find extra money to apply to our debt.

Our 2018 Financial Goals

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Did you make 2018 financial goals ? My husband and I discussed some ideas over our holiday break and we decided on 2 solid must-achieve financial goals for the year. If we complete them early, we’ll move on to 2 additional goals that are on our radar. Our 2 Main Financial Goals for 2018: 1 – Finish the will. 2 Additional Goals: If we save the $10k early, we’d like to work on the following 2 goals.

Are Peer Loans Too Risky or the Way of the Future?

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Around since just before the financial crash, peer lending got the same black-eye as all credit when the bubble burst on sub-prime loans. Used properly, it can help you build your dream home and reach your financial goals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

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FREE Download: Dave Ramsey’s Guide To Budgeting

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Want to get on track with your New Year’s budget and financial goals? Freebies Budgeting budgeting help dave ramsey Dave Ramsey's Guide To Budgeting financial help free free Dave Ramsey resources free downloads free printables guide to budgeting New Years budget new years goals

My $2.50 Homemade Pizza

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We used to go out to dinner every Friday night, but we’ve put a stop to that treat as we work through some of our financial goals.

3 Monthly Expenses to Reduce Without Feeling a Sacrifice

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We want to achieve our financial goals, but still enjoy life. Are you looking for more ways to cut your monthly expenses? When my husband and I wrote our Debt Freedom Plan earlier this year, we made a commitment to scrutinize our monthly expenses to find money to put towards our plan.

Learn How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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With a background in finance, she created World of Finance to build a community of people that want to turn their finances around and achieve their financial goals one step at a time. Do you want to eat healthy but don’t think you can afford it?

For Better Savings: Use Sub Accounts to Differentiate Your Goals

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It’s fun to watch your account grow, but at the same time, if you have different goals for the money, having everything in one account can be problematic, since you aren’t able to identify which money is earmarked for a specific goal.

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Shannon & Her Husband Paid off $22,000 in 9 Months

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Luckily, even without misguided financial beliefs, we did pay off a significant portion of our debt before having kids. I finally got inspired that we should at least start working on this huge goal of being debt free when I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

5 Essential Money Tips for Newlyweds

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Really get into the “why” behind your financial decisions. It’s easier to understand yourself and your partner, and easier to create shared goals, when you both understand what makes you tick. Set Goals Together. Observe the Financial Basics.

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Jen & Her Husband Paid off $212,000 in Debt & Medical Expenses in 48 Months

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Dave Ramsey’s FPU (Financial Peace University). Who initiated the debt free goal? I quit nagging and began to talk about where we were going through hopes, dreams, and goals versus only talking about the things we were going to eliminate. What are your financial goals now?

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The Difference Between Looking Rich and Being Rich

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When Image is More Important than Financial Security. For these men, the problem is that, to them, image is important — more important even than being financially secure. In both cases, the drive is to maintain an image, and financial security isn’t important at all.

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Find out How Brian & His Wife Paid off $109,000 in Credit Card Debt

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If married, who initiated the debt free goal? The short term sacrifice was for the long term goal of being debt free. What are your financial goals now? My goal with sharing our story and maintaining Debt Discipline is to hopefully help someone else out there in need.

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions

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As you might expect, especially among personal finance bloggers, financial resolutions are pretty popular. If you are looking for a way to financially level up, here are 4 strategies that can help you make better money resolutions.

My Life Plan

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A few years ago, we were struggling financially and I felt like our situation was hopeless. The plan allowed us to think beyond the financial struggles we were dealing with at the time and we could envision what our future might look like.

My Word for 2014.

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Declutter our budget so we can reach our financial goals. Goal Setting One word. Just one word to focus on during the upcoming year. It’s been a trend every January and I’ve always found it interesting to read other bloggers’ posts about their one word.

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The Importance Of Setting Financial New Year’s Goals

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One of the best ways to do that is to set realistic goals. In fact, one of my favorite things to do at the end of December each year is to set financial goals for the new year. If you haven’t set financial goals before, here are some tips: Set Realistic Goals.

Four Weekend Activities that will Rock Your Financial World

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If you can take a few minutes out once in a while on the weekend to perform just four financial activities, your financial world could change. Reflect on your financial life. Are financial your goals aligned with your spouses? Are your goals meshed with theirs?

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Vegetarian Living

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Meat accounts for 10 percent of Americans’ food spending, so making the switch to vegetarianism fit in quite well with my financial goals.

Take Control of YOUR Money in 2016

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We have new financial goals for this year. While we made considerable headway in 2015 with reducing our debts, we missed our goal of paying off a loan by the end of the year. What are your financial goals for 2016? Financial FreedomI’m back!

Make Money Your Hobby

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Find something to motivate you into becoming financially literate. It can be something financially prudent like starting a retirement account or something totally frivolous like saving for a vacation. You can do this with any goal, no matter how crazy big or far off it is.

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6 Tips for Setting Better Goals

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Goal setting seems to be one of the Things That We Do in our society. Reaching for goals can be a good thing. Unfortunately, setting goals effectively can trip you up. Your first step when setting a goal is to choose something that matters. Focus On One Goal At A Time.

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Helping Kids Set New Year’s Resolutions

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This can be a positive and motivational experience to help them focus on new beginnings and setting goals. Financial Goals – Help kids make goals to be financially responsible this year. Family Time Goals – This is a fun one!

How to Break the Cycle of Unhealthy Habits

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The second strategy is to practice long-term goals. When you set goals that are 12 to 18 months away and work to achieve them through daily action steps and habits, you develop your long-term mindset and hopefully become more able to achieve other long-term goals- like weight loss.

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Meet Jackie. She and Her Husband Paid off $147,000 in Debt | Debt Free Stories

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I needed to count on myself and support my son, and that meant getting my financial life in order, starting with building an emergency fund for the first time. Who initiated the debt free goal? What are your financial goals now? Debt Free Stories Financial Freedom

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5 Things You Should Know When Planning Your Financial Future

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One of the most important things in life is to find ways to achieve your financial goals. However, planning for your financial future can be tricky and complicated because there are many things to prepare for and arrange. How are you planning for your financial future?

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

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For some reason those open windows awakens our need to spring clean, so take this time to get your financial house in order too. Review your Yearly Goals. On January 1st, we’re so gung-ho about writing goals, but are we just as enthusiastic about those goals on March 11?

Meet Tracy, a Single Mom Who Paid Off $41,587 | Debt Free Stories

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I had enjoyed a great salary working in Pharma and been far too irresponsible with what God had blessed me with to provide financially. Who initiated the debt free goal? I initiated the debt free goal. What are your financial goals now? Welcome to Debt Free Stories.

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Things to Do When You are Unplugged

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At the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to have one hour of unplugged time each evening to enjoy offline and tech-free activities. This goal specifically was meant to foster more one-on-one time with my then fiancé (now husband!!),

How to Make Good Financial Decisions

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Good decisions can result in your ability to get a better job, make more money, save more money, invest for gain and other steps that help you end up in financial plus land. What is your vision of your financial future?

Frugal Friday 11.25.16

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It’s Frugal Friday: A recap of how we frugal-ed our way through the week so that we have more money to put towards our financial goals. Our mission: Live WELL, On LESS Money. What We Ate this Week: Monday : Ham & Bean Soup , homemade sugar-free applesauce.

Frugal Friday: Cheap Turkeys for the Win! 11.18.16

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It’s Frugal Friday: A recap of how we frugal-ed our way through the week so that we have more money to put towards our financial goals. Financial Resources: 1.

The High Price of Excuses, Justification, and Avoidance.

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Excuses and avoidance are dangerous to your long term financial health. Have you ever sacrificed your long term financial well being for convenience and ease in the short term?

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25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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And while I don’t like parting with our money, I am grateful that this repair won’t send us into financial distress. If you have a big financial goal, think about how much you pay someone to do something that you are capable of doing yourself.

How to Make your Life Better by Setting Goals

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Much has been written about the importance of setting goals to achieve success but I think it is also an important strategy when wondering how to make life better for yourself. Establishing goals will be a major step in achieving what you want in life.

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Learn Vest: FREE 10 Day Budget Bootcamp

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Learn Vest is offering a 10-day email program that will give you daily to-dos to achieve your financial goals. Dream big and set financial goals you can achieve. Discover where you're really spending. Create a budget that you can actually stick to.

A Sweeter Way to Cook Your Budget

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Once you’ve made some financial goals that motivate and inspire you, try and put dollar amounts around them. Once your financial goals and costs are set, now you add in your income and expenses. Cooking to Financial Success Andi B.