How To Re-use Common Items

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We also used the 40 year old burnt orange coffee pot to make coffee that day as well as the 20 year old ice chest and 25 year old rain ponchos from the local amusement park, old plastic forks and spoons, unused condiment packages from fast food restaurant stops and plastic tablecloths used at last years wedding shower. If something is useful and I might personally use it later, it gets saved and used again. Common Items to Re-Use and How to Re-Use Them.

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Five Frugal Things | pretty much 100% food!

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Once they were frozen, I removed them to a re-used ziploc freezer bag for storage. I just wanted a regular, run-of-the-mill coffee-shop style muffin! I plan on using every single one of my frozen sweet potato chunks to make more of these muffins. I use Pioneer Woman’s overnight French toast casserole recipe. ). The post Five Frugal Things | pretty much 100% food!

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7 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

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From food waste to packaging to disposable items, there are a lot of resources being used by humans. Shop with a List. If you find yourself throwing out a lot of food, you can remedy the problem by shopping with a list. Create a meal plan for the week, and base your grocery shopping list on what you will actually eat during the week. Preserve Some of Your Food. Another way to prevent waste is to preserve some of your food. Buy Used.

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6 Reasons to Meal Plan

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If you’re used to being spontaneous with your choice of meals, the idea of planning your meals for the week in advance might seem tedious and unappealing, but there are some definite advantages involved. By working out your household’s meals in advance, you’ll save money in food costs. Planning what you’ll eat means that you’re less likely to fall for impulse buys –as long as you stick to your list! 3. You’ll waste less food.

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How to Save Money at the Supermarket

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If you’re anything like most people, you’re probably feeling the pinch thanks to rising food prices. There is some good news though – you can bring your food shopping costs down with some careful planning. Here are some tips to help you to save money on your supermarket shopping. If you’re not organized, it’s much more likely that you’ll be tempted into buying things that you don’t really need. Don’t shop hungry. Time your shop right.

Interview with a Self-Made Millionaire

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For so long, we plodded along with next to nothing while our neighbors were running up their charge cards and using home equity loans to take vacations. We shopped at garage sales, turned down the heat, combined errands to use less gas, didn’t buy a lot of prepared food, cooked at home and the like. I remember that we re-used our coffee grounds. Me: What do you mean, re-used your coffee grounds?

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10 Upcycled Storage Solutions

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After my “tidying up” adventures , I was inspired to find other ways of using everyday items to organize my life, otherwise known as my upcycled storage solutions! I like the idea of transforming items that I usually throw away into something useful. A nice way to keep those bulk foods you buy (to save money of course!) This is an way of organizing your condiments, PLUS you’re using leftover egg crates! Shopping Bag Organization.

Put Your Budget on a Diet: Saving Money by Living Medium

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Believe it or not, those name brand foods, household goods, clothing, and accessories you buy can be found in the same aisles with the name of the store stamped on them. Megamarts like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Aldi’s, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and even franchised grocery stores carry the same quality of goods that you’re used to buying, but they don’t carry the overhead costs that come with the big names. Used Doesn’t Mean Abused. Embrace the Food Network.

15 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

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If you know exactly how much energy you’re using, you can take appropriate measures to cut back. Switch off appliances when they’re not in use. Turn off lights and electric appliances when you’re not using them, and this includes leaving them on standby. Running two partial loads will use up more energy than one big load so you’re much better off waiting when possible. Don’t use hot wash settings. Shop around.

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5 Companies that Deliver Anything in an Hour – Honest Review

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Birthday party is coming up or a holiday is coming… going on a trip and you don’t have time to shop. Read the reviews of the 5 best companies to use that we love : . If you’re using all of these features and Now’s same-day delivery. Instacart : Instacart is an awesome website that is what you could call, your very own personal shopping service: (live like the posh! How to get anything delivered in an hour!!

Make Your Own Beauty Products

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Sick of spending a small fortune on beauty products when you’re not even sure what’s in them half the time? You can make some quick and easy beauty treats using ingredients that you’ve already got at home. What Kind of Things Can I Use? Here are just a few of the everyday food items that work well in beauty treatments, and their main benefits. Plain yogurt : This can be used as a quick and easy face mask for all skin types.

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Can You Cut Expenses by a Half Million Dollars?

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With the advent of the Great Recession, today’s populations are re-learning frugality and expense reduction. We were so poor that we re-used coffee grounds to make more coffee! 262,032 Food Preparation. By using generic or store brand groceries instead of name brand, you can save 3.7 % of your food budget each month (per the Journal of Economic Perspectives article: Consumer Shopping Behavior, How Much Do Consumer’s Save ).

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Getting Started: Menu Planning Basics

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comes up and you are left to try and scramble some food together to form a meal, or end up having to order out a meal that may not be the healthiest option for your family. Your meal planning schedule can be adapted to your families needs and you’ll soon see that you will save not only more time, but money on eating out and wasted food ingredients. Search for recipes that can be used in the crock pot, family friendly, or that are budget friendly. Shopping.