Food-Waste Fighting Meals | the lunches-only edition

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When I make breakfast and lunch for myself, I almost always do so with an eye to using up odds and ends of food. The next salad is made from a bagged salad kit that was an extra at the food pantry. Another food pantry salad kit. Food Waste

Day 16: How to Stop Food Waste in the Kitchen

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Day 16 of 31 Days to Slash your Grocery Spending: Avoid Food Waste. family of four discards around $1,500 a year on food. family of four discards around $1,500 a year on food. Imagine saving your family’s budget $1500 a year just by being more aware of your food waste and taking action to stop it. How to Stop Food Waste in the Kitchen. Instead you will have a chance of claiming that $1500 of wasted food.


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4 Quick Tips to Cut Down on Food Waste

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There are countless causes of food waste, but the effects may be less well known. Wasted food can consume a good chunk of your budget, and it’s harmful to the environment. A few simple lifestyle changes are all you need to reduce your food waste, allowing you to save money and be kinder to Mother Earth. Buying too much food can be a surefire recipe for creating food waste.

From Garbage to Gourmet: Prevent Food Waste and Create Delicious Food

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American households throw away 25% of the food that we purchase - and it's not just bread heels and moldy leftovers. There's a whole host of edible things that we automatically throw away that can be used to make delicious food! This ebook will challenge and inspire you to do more than you ever thought possible with food. You'll learn principles and strategies for preventing and reducing food waste, along with over 80 recipes.

Meet a Reader | Kaisa, from Finland

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For example, ideas for avoiding food waste are useful for me even if I live in another country, whereas posts about sales in specific grocery stores would not be. The three big expenses in life are housing, transportation, and food. Hey everyone!

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An Orta Self-Watering Seed Starter Review (from a non-gardener!)

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The free one is a factory-second, and that appeals to my waste-avoiding heart; I’m delighted to give a home to a less-than-perfect item at a discount. my 4-week food waste course.

Five Frugal Things | a Starbucks Groupon!

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I have done worse in the name of preventing food waste! Last time Mr. FG and I volunteered with the food pantry, they had some extremely dry garlic ciabatta sticks left at the end of the day. I got a $10 Starbucks voucher for $5.

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Meet a UK Reader | Joanne

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I cook from scratch every day and have little or no food waste which makes me really proud. I meal plan and have my groceries delivered weekly so that I’m in strict control of the food budget. Food – meal plan and shopping lists. Time to meet another reader!

Meet a Reader | Efterpi, from Greece

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You have helped me in so many ways, especially in fighting food waste and I thank you for that!!! I hate the idea of wasting money while I can avoid it! Quality grocery food! This week, we’re in the Mediterranean, meeting a reader who lives in Greece.

Meet a Reader | Florence

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Over time I’ve gotten good at, and get a thrill from, minimizing our food waste. Part of my food-waste minimizing is the frugality, but the other part is trying to be a good steward of our resources. Hello, readers!

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Clean Your Refrigerator | Weekly Decluttering Challenge

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Last week, we cleaned and organized our pantry and food cupboards and this week, we’re going to focus on our refrigerator and freezer. By keeping our kitchens organized, menu planning will be much easier, we’ll reduce our food waste, and we’ll be less likely to buy duplicates. Discard outdated food. Sort the food by category, such as dairy, condiments, drinks, leftovers, etc, and group categories together.

Recyclebank: 180 Free Recyclebank Points

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Tons of stuff gets wasted at lunch, and your money is just the start. Reduce your food waste. Learn what you can do about it at Recyclebank and earn 150 points! Earn 30 points when you visit Recyclebank to check out our tips on kitchen creativity and smarter shopping. Free Stuff Freebies

Things You Can Freeze & More Great Tips!

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There are simple guidelines you can follow to help you reduce your food waste, make your money go further and keep food fresher longer. Foods you can freeze : Cooked pasta. Foods you shouldn’t freeze : Milk – it becomes lumpy once thawed (but this can be OK for cooking). Deep-fried food – after defrosting, the crispy coating will turn to mush. Things You Can Freeze & More Great Tips!

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Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin

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This is a great way to reduce food waste, add great nutrients to your garden/yard soil, and save on fertilizer! Check out how to create your own worm composting bin. Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share? Please send me an email ! Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin is a post from Couponing 101. Frugal Tips Organic/Natural compost bin composting DIY compost bin frugal tip green make your own compost bin organic and natural worm composting

Ways to Have a Green Christmas

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Not only are consumers in a mania to get their kids a whole bunch of poorly made, plastic toys manufactured in plants that pump a ridiculous amount of chemicals into the air, but also, households ramp up their carbon footprints by using more water, cleaning products, electricity, and not to mention all of the food that is purchased, cooked, and wasted. Food Waste Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable.

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Want a Month of Free Groceries? Stop Wasting Food | Kitchen Economics Link Up

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Eating leftovers is one of my tenets of saving money in the kitchen but I am even guilty of wasting food at times. I started wondering how much money I am actually wasting when I throw food away. According to the EPA, Americans dump 34 million tons of food a year and it accounts for 14% of total municipal waste. According to this article, a family of four wastes about $600 worth of food a year. How much food do you think you waste annually?

5 Cooking Basics eBooks for Just $7.40

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This week''s bundle takes you back to the basics with 5 cooking resources to help you meal plan, create your own recipes, make homemade condiments and reduce waste. In Design a Dish, Millie shows you how to use formulas rather than recipes to design dishes with the ingredients that are available so that you can reduce food waste and save money! Disclosure - This post contains affiliate links that help support this site at no additional cost to you.

What We Ate this Week on our Budget 12.14.18

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My family was not thrilled, but we need to reduce our food waste. Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars by reducing your food waste?!?! Here’s a peek at what we ate this week on our budget. I’ve had to bump up the budget over the years as my kids have grown and started to eat as much as adults. I now spend $600-700/month on groceries and I struggle to remember those days when I spent $400-500.

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RecycleBank: Earn 180 New Points!

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Eat less, waste less, save money on food

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Then I hear a news item about food waste in Britain… Apparently we waste an average of £480 worth of food per household every year. Food & Drink how to eat less save money on foodThere’s me wondering what to write about today, sitting in my studio with our cats Dave, Steve and Molly by my side and Radio 4 for company.

RecycleBank: Earn 30 New Points!

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Amazon Deal of the Day: 63% Off on Garbage Disposer

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It’s three grind stages quickly grind virtually any food waste. Amazon Deal – Garbage Disposer. Nor your neighbors won’t be bothered when your garbage disposal is at work. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-HP Garbage Disposer disposer features a SoundSeal Technology for ultra-quiet performance versus a standard disposer. It also has a 7-year in-home limited warranty. With the Amazon Deal of the Day, you can get it for just $232 instead of $625.

Save Money by Freezing – Tips for Quality Freezing

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When not saving money, she is usually spending it on food for her two greyhounds and two cats. Many figures show that Americans waste nearly one third of their food each year (the statistics are similar for the U.K. Besides being wasteful of our resources and needlessly filling up landfills, it is also expensive to be wasting so much food! Preserving food is an easy way to cut back on food waste and reduce your grocery budget at the same time.

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RecycleBank: Earn 25 New Points!

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How to Slash your Grocery Spending in 31 Days

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It is totally possible to eat your favorite foods within a grocery budget. Day 16 How to Stop Food Waste in the Kitchen. Day 24: How to Save on Organic Food. Need to find some wiggle room in your budget? Is an unexpected expense threatening your bank account? Or maybe you’re trying to build your emergency savings account, or save for a vehicle? There is one place to look for extra money that maybe you haven’t considered–your groceries.

7 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

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Our consumer-driven society is one that results in a great deal of waste. From food waste to packaging to disposable items, there are a lot of resources being used by humans. This consumption of resources — and the waste it produces — is not sustainable. You can reduce the amount of waste you contribute to the problem with a little planning and creativity. Here are 7 ways you can reduce household waste (and maybe even save a little money): 1.

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Savings Tip: Have a Few Meatless Meals Every Week

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Reducing food waste can save you even more money. Omitting meat from one or more meals each week can save you money. While some people worry that skipping the meat may lead to protein deficiency, studies suggest that reducing meat consumption may actually lead to a whole host of potential health benefits. That means both your pocketbook and your health may benefit. A nice cut of meat may be the centerpiece of your dinner.

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Composting for Beginners

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Growing up, I remember my mom always sending me out to the composting bin with a bucket full of (what I thought was) gross bits and pieces of food waste. I love dumping buckets full of organic waste into our homemade bin. Why compost organic waste instead of throwing it in the garbage and letting the city take it to the dump? Composted material can be used as a fertilizer, a soil, and a plant food.

45 New Recyclebank Points (Earn Discounts, Gift Cards and More)

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Learn a few ways to cut down on food waste. There are 3 new ways to earn Recyclebank points for a total of 45 points. These are easy to earn and collect points to cash in for coupons, discounts or gift cards! Have old electronics sitting around the house? Search Greener Gadgets’ e-cycler locator to give your outdated devices a second life, and pick up 5 Recyclebank points. Contamination can ruin clean recyclables. Learn why and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

Grocery Budget Challenge | January Meeting

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We don’t want to make our families miserable with bland meals, boring snacks, and not enough food in the house. By keeping our kitchens organized, menu planning will be much easier, we’ll reduce our food waste, and we’ll be less likely to buy duplicates. The Goal of the Grocery Budget Challenge is to be creative with our meal planning and grocery shopping so that we aren’t over-spending.

Weekly Meal Plans

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We each received a set number of food points to use each week. We tried making meal plans for two week periods before going shopping, but that led to some food waste since we are sometimes hit with specific cravings and ignore the plan willy-nilly. After a little while, we realized we really only needed to plan for four evening meals a week as well as lunches and snacks to avoid waste.

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Keeping the Christmas Dinner Costs and Waste Down

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Being that there are only two of us in our household, we never use up bulk groceries before they go bad, making it a wasteful endeavour. We’ll be purchasing everything except for the turkey in bulk (brussell sprouts, potatoes, cranberry sauce or fresh cranberries, bread for stuffing, etc) and then dividing it so that none goes to waste. This allows us to cash in on the savings without watching our money go in the garbage by food waste.

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Learning How to Eat Sustainably

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Because the production of food has such a large carbon footprint, learning to eat sustainably is a great way to limit your impact on the earth. Reduce Waste. Millions of tones of food are thrown away in western countries every year. In the UK, it has been calculated that 330 kg of food is thrown out by every household each year. This rotting food accounts for 20 million tones of carbon dioxide gas each year. Store food correctly to reduce the amount of spoilage.

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Four Easy Ways to Save on Basic Necessities

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The American culture is wrought with excessive spending so it is no surprise that the typical household overspends on necessities such as food, gas, utilities, and phone usage. How to Save Money on Food. You cannot avoid spending money on food. Most importantly, reduce food waste. Throwing food away is a waste of money so buy fresh produce locally that will last longer, learn how to preserve food longer, and eat everything before it spoils.

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Christmas Savings Club | August Meeting

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You''ll avoid all sorts of duplicate purchases and reduce food waste too. Happy 4 months til Christmas! On the 25th of every month from January to November in 2013, I''m holding a virtual meeting for the Christmas Savings Club. The goal for this monthly accountability meeting is to give updates on our progress, motivate one another, and help all of us save for a cash Christmas. Today is the eighth meeting, but you can join us at any time.

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New 180 Recyclebank points Available!

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Tons of stuff gets wasted at lunch, and your money is just the start. Then head over and learn about food waste to get another 30 points. There are 180 new Recycle bank points available! Learn what you can do about it at Recyclebank and earn 150 points! What is Recyclebank ? You earn points by learning ways to be more eco-friendly. By reading short blurbs, taking little quizzes, or playing short games, you can learn and earn points.

How to Save Money on Groceries

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of Agriculture, a US family of 4 discards around $1500 a year on food waste. Imagine saving your family’s budget $1500 a year just by being more aware of your food waste and taking action to stop it. Everyone’s plate might look different, but you’ll at least use up the leftovers and reduce the waste. If you don’t think the food in the fridge will be eaten before it goes bad, place leftovers in a freezer container, label, and store in the freezer.

How to Be Green and Save Money

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Here’s some top ideas to save you money and ease your conscience: Waste Less Food. It’s amazing how much food we waste in the Western world. It’s both wasteful and costly! Instead of pouring your money straight into the trash, try to make a conscious effort to only buy the food that you will actually use. The website Love Food Hate Waste has some great ideas on how you can cut back on your food waste and save money in the process!

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P.E.P. for Week of January 10-14/11-Seeking Balance Edition

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Money Crashers shares with us 7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste- Freezing Food and Making Leftover Recipes. Well, I don’t know about you but this week has felt very long and tiring. Both my husband and I have been feeling quite tired this week. Maybe our bodies are trying to fight off the bugs that are going around. We have been lucky so far…haven’t been sick once this year, including all 2010.

FREE Magazine Subscriptions: In Style, People Style Watch + More

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Learn How to Prevent Food Waste at Home – 30 points. Right now there are two new magazine offers available from Recyclebank. Get a subscription to In Style Magazine for 244 points or a subscription to People Style Watch for 274 points. So check your account and see if you have enough to grab either of these offers. You can also get other titles like Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Marie Claire, Town & Country and more for less than 150 points.

Vegetable Frittata with Broccoli and Sausage

Saving Everyday

I’m incredibly passionate about food waste , and frittatas are one of my favorite ways to use up produce and leftovers! Pinterest. Email. Twitter. Facebook. Reddit. Frittatas are a perfect way to use up leftovers, and my vegetable frittata with broccoli and sausage is delicious, hearty, and filling! My vegetable frittata can be made with any veggies you like, making it versatile, filling, and delicious! What is an authentic frittata?

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Save Money with Meal Planning

Couponing 101

Using coupons will save you money at the register, but using your food wisely is going to save you money as well! We wasted more food (produce, leftovers, etc. We ate more quick/convenience foods. So, in a nutshell, not planning our menus cost us a lot of time, money, and probably contributed to us getting sick over the holidays (since we were eating unhealthy food). Knowing what’s on hand will prevent food waste and make menu planning easier.