Amazon: NetGear High Speed Cable Modem $89.99 (Reg. $129.99)

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Hop on over to where they are offering up this very highly rated NetGear CM600 High Speed Cable Modem for $89.99 devices, this high-speed cable modem gives you plenty of speed for streaming or gaming and there are no monthly rental fees. It is certified to work with cable internet providers like XFINITY by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter & more. Amazon Deals amazon amazondeals Coupons Deals internet krazydeals netgear

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Are You Letting Your Luxuries Become Needs?

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We can surf the Internet, check our email, send each other images, and text with much greater ease. TVs, cable, Internet service, certain clothes, particular foods, and even some social activities. ” A look at his expenses, though, showed that he could be on a cheaper Internet plan, he didn’t need the satellite TV , and he could have gotten rid of the smartphone plan.

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We Cancelled Our Cable TV and Land Line

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As of March 1, we are a cable TV and land line free home. We were paying for a deluxe bundle package that included high speed Internet, a land line, a gazillion cable channels, and HBO, which we enjoyed quite a bit. But when our cable/Internet/phone bill increased over $100 from the previous month, we thought twice about our love for cable TV in our home. A funny thing happens when you call a cable company to cancel services--they reduce their price.

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25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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Are you paying too much for home/auto insurance, cable, internet, cell? We gave up cable many years ago , but realize now we simply traded one cable bill into TOO many subscriptions. Emergencies happen when you least expect them.

25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

Family Balance Sheet

Are you paying too much for home/auto insurance, cable, internet? Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Just last week, my husband sent me a short text, “truck $700.” ” My stomach sank. He took the truck to our mechanic because a light came on on the dashboard. We were hoping for an easy (and inexpensive) fix, and we were certainly not expecting this news. But the truth is, we have the money.

Save Money – Develop Important Home Owner Skills

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Crystal (owner of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff) wrote about how she annually contacts her cable/internet supplier to get reductions in her bill – step by step. With the internet, you can get practical how to information, illustration and even movies on almost any maintenance or repair topic you might need. With interest rates at all time lows, more foreclosures coming on the market and prices at decade low levels, you may be looking to buy a home or investment property.

6 Steps to Creating a Budget You Can Stick To

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Cable. Internet. Welcome to the first article in our new budgeting series. Over the next several weeks we will be posting articles that will help you budget and save your money. Couponing is a great start (you do use coupons, right?) but there are many others things you can do to help with your finances. 6 Steps to Creating a Budget You Can Stick To. Setting a budget is important for your financial health.