How We Saved in February 2017

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1) When was the last time you comparison shopped for insurance? A cold call from a local family owned insurance business in February resulted in us saving $200 a year with our homeowners insurance and $600 a year with our business’ building insurance for the same coverage.

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5 Insurance Issues for Entrepreneurs

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One of the items that many entrepreneurs overlook when they get started is insurance. When you’re starting a business, it doesn’t seem important to worry overmuch about insurance. Here are 5 insurance issues to watch out for: 1. Life Insurance.

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Create a Personal Escrow Fund | 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

Family Balance Sheet

Do you go into panic mode when your car insurance bill arrives? Our homeowners insurance and property taxes are not tied in with our mortgage so we receive those bills and are responsible for paying them instead of the bank that owns the mortgage.

How to Compost Without Fancy Equipment

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Guest Post Author Bio: Bailey writes about insurance and other topics for the Homeowners Insurance Blog. Basically there are two reasons to compost. The first is to recycle leftover food, grass cuttings, and fallen leaves that might ordinarily end up in a landfill.

Using Kids Crafts to Teach the Gift of Giving

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How to Compost Without Fancy Equipment Guest Post Author Bio: Bailey writes about insurance and other topics for the Homeowners Insurance Blog.Basically there are two reasons to. A garden stepping stone for Mom, maybe?! It’s August, weeks from the start of school.

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6 Steps to Creating a Budget You Can Stick To

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You want to include all expenditures including, but not limited to: Housing- rent, mortgage, homeowner fees, homeowner insurance, lawn care services, housekeeping services, etc. Transportation- car note, car insurance, maintenance, gas, etc.