How To Re-use Common Items

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We also used the 40 year old burnt orange coffee pot to make coffee that day as well as the 20 year old ice chest and 25 year old rain ponchos from the local amusement park, old plastic forks and spoons, unused condiment packages from fast food restaurant stops and plastic tablecloths used at last years wedding shower. If something is useful and I might personally use it later, it gets saved and used again. Common Items to Re-Use and How to Re-Use Them.

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10 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills

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Reducing your water not only helps with your bills, it also helps with making sure you’re not wasting water for no reason! Use CFL or LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. Use a smart power strip. Using a smart power strip is a great way to avoid this, plus it’s nice to have all your outlets in one place. Utility companies may offer certain discounts for different types of energy use.

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7 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

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From food waste to packaging to disposable items, there are a lot of resources being used by humans. A meal plan can be one of the best ways to avoid last-minute takeout runs, as well as ensure that you have a way to use the food you buy. Find Ways to Re-Use as Much As You Can. Growing up, my re-used T-shirts as dust rags and other cleaning supplies. Look for ways to re-use what you already have. Buy Used.

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How Your House or Business Can Invest in a Greener Planet

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By doing this you don’t only help everybody on the globe by using green energy , you also help yourself. Fossil fuels continue to ruin our environment, and as they are also running out it is time for us to understand how we can use renewable energy for all of our business and home needs. Whether you’re looking at helping your business or your home then you should be looking at improving the future energy usage of your buildings.

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Kindergarten to College – Back to School Money Tips

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Not many – but by planning ahead now you might find ways to lessen the expenses you will face next month and use the annual experience as a teachable moment in your child’s personal finance education. According to the July 15, 2010 Back to School Survey from the National Retail Federation, the average family spent around $600 per child for back to school needs, split between clothing (37%); electronics (30%); shoes (17%) and school supplies (16%). using what they already have.

5 Companies that Deliver Anything in an Hour – Honest Review

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Read the reviews of the 5 best companies to use that we love : . If you’re using all of these features and Now’s same-day delivery. Items available: Groceries (including cold groceries), household items, electronics, and more from Amazon, plus items from local stores and restaurants (select stores in select areas). Task Rabbit: TaskRabbit is a service, you can use it as a delivery service, but it isn’t really one.

10 Frugal Tips For Earth Day

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Tip: Try using newspaper instead of paper towels the next time you wash your windows. Buy Used : You probably already know the benefits of buying second-hand , but buying used, also helps the environment. Turn it Off- Lights, computers, and other electronics consume energy and our money. Turning lights off when we leave a room, unplugging chargers when not in use, and shutting down the computer (and printer) at night can all help to save! Re-Use.