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Eco-Conscious Travel Tips

Shereen Travels Cheap

While travel doesn't always feel like it's great for the environment, especially when you're getting to your destination on a a huge plane that burns a ton of fuel, there are many things you can do to offset your travel carbon footprint. Pack Light The less "cargo" that a plane carries, the less fuel it has to use.

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How do you handle tipping?

The Frugal Girl

Bee wrote in, wanting to pick the collective brain of the Frugal Girl community about tipping! Here’s what she said: I am curious how you and fellow blog members handle tipping. It seems that tips are requested nearly everywhere I go now. Yet, after placing my order, a tip was requested. The Barista?


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Necessary Holiday Travel Tips

Shereen Travels Cheap

Another brilliant tip: screenshot your boarding passes in case your app logs you out or the airport has shoddy WiFi right before you need to show it to someone. You can have everyone's boarding pass in your party on your app. This has totally happened to me more than once.

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The Cost Of Living Keeps Rising – Here’s 30+ Tips To Reduce Your Living Costs NOW

The Budget Diet

Read more The post The Cost Of Living Keeps Rising – Here’s 30+ Tips To Reduce Your Living Costs NOW appeared first on The Budget Diet. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to reduce your living costs if you get a bit savvy. And the best part is that many of these ideas can begin saving.

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6 Packing Light Tips for Winter Trips

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Here are some tips to keep your carry-on light, but still have a large wardrobe. Not only does packing light save money, but it also saves time, because travelers don’t have to stand around the baggage carousel waiting for their luggage to (hopefully) make it off the plane. Having minimal baggage can save your back, too.

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Packing Light: Tips for Your Toiletry Bag

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After posting about how I packed a week's worth of clothes in a backpack , I promised you a post on how to pare down your toiletries. I have been working on bringing fewer or smaller things on my trips when I travel, which might be difficult for those who want to take their whole routine on vacation with them.

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Sharpie 48pk Fine Tip Permanent Markers just $11.99 (Reg. $39.99)

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Get Sharpie 48pk Fine Tip Permanent Markers just $11.99 (Reg. Sharpie permanent markers with vivid ink •Features markers with fine and ultra-fine tips •Wide range of assorted colors including metallic and neon markers •Marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces. What a deal on Ebay!

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