Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs

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We started by categorizing our bills and spending into groups, such as housing and transportation. Other than housing, our biggest budget buster is transportation. It has great fuel economy, at about 40 MPG. At first, my attitude was that if we couldn’t drop my fiancé’s truck in favour of becoming a one-car couple with only my Civic, we wouldn’t be able to save money on transportation costs.

How to Save Money on Transport Costs

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Ditching your car in favour of using public transport more often is great for the environment and by not having your car on the road as much, you can do your bit for the planet. Beyond using public transport more, you can also save money and be more green by cutting down on how much you use your car: Don’t use the car for short trips. It’s not fuel efficient to use the car for short trips and you’re be using more fuel than you need to on these kind of journeys.


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What’s the Most Energy Efficient Form of Transportation

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During the “great recession” when oil prices dipped, fuel efficiency took a backseat to other issues. That being said, there is one good thing (and only one) that comes about from higher fuel prices; people are refocusing on energy efficiency. I thought this would be an appropriate time to compare the efficiency of various modes of transportation. Department of Transportation,, and my trusty calculator.

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Biodiesel and Biomass Fuels

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Biomass is the term given to the process of producing fuel by burning biological matter. Even though carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur compounds are produced when using biomass fuels, these substances are not released in sufficient concentrations to affect the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This makes biomass power an environmentally-friendly, green source of fuel. Biofuels are alternative fuel sources used to operate cars, trucks, buses and machinery.

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4 Ways to Save Money and the Planet While Traveling

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Whether you travel by car or airplane, added weight decreases fuel efficiency. That means that the more you pack, the more fuel will be consumed to transport it. Because of this, packing less can save you money on fuel if you travel by car. Walk, Bike, or Use Public Transportation When Possible. Renting or hiring a car may seem convenient, but it is also less fuel-efficient than many other forms of transportation.

11 Ways To Make Personal Travel More Sustainable And Less Polluting

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Here are 11 ways you can make your transportation needs a little more eco-friendly. Take Public Transportation If you live anywhere near a small or large city, you probably have access to some form of municipal public transportation. Buy A Bike Exercise combined with clean air and free transportation makes riding a bike a win-win for everyone. They are incredibly fuel-efficient, cheap to buy and insure, and emit way less pollution than automobiles do.

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How To Drive Green And Save On Gas Mileage

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However, none of these tools will help drivers that intentionally or unintentionally sabotage their own fuel economy. Examples of driving habits that decrease fuel economy include poor vehicle maintenance and terrible driving habits. To begin driving your car in a manner that saves fuel, you will need to make a few minor adjustments to your driving habits. According to Edmunds, forty-six 2012 models are equipped with start/stop systems to help increase fuel economy.

How Downsizing to an Apartment Has Saved Us Money

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Public Transportation and Other Amenities. My fuel bill is lower, since I don’t have to go as far to run errands (we live in an area where shopping is closer), and there is public transit, so that is also usable. So, even though this doesn’t have much to do with downsizing per se , our lifestyle change in general is resulting in lower transportation costs. My family and I recently moved across the country.

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13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One

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Why carry around all that extra weight, which not only costs you more in fuel but also more wear on your engine. Fuel-injected cars do not, contrary to popular mythology, use more gas starting up each time than they would just idling Combine errands. Buy fuel-efficient tires. It’s just creating drag which reduces your fuel economy. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET. High gas prices got you down?

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DIY Car Maintenance For Cash Savings

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He walked me through the steps of changing a fuel filter on the phone. Having a dirty air filter can cause fuel inefficiency and considering that a car engine runs on both air and fuel, having sufficient air flow through the air filter is pertinent to the successful running of your car’s engine. 8 Ways to Save on Fuel Who of us does not want to squeeze a bit more distance out of each gallon of gas that we. When I was 16, my dad gave me my first vehicle.

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10 Ways to Transform Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Haven

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This means you waste water, fertiliser, soil, and even the fuel used to transport your food. It’s almost every day that we’re bombarded with news about climate change and its massive effects to nature and humankind. The situation is dire and it feels as if there’s no solution in sight, but there are actually a lot of things that you can do to help.

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4 Little Habits to Save Money On Your Daily Commute

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You might consider carpooling, using public transportation, walking, or biking to work to cut costs. Changing your driving to conserve fuel also saves money. It costs a lot of money to make money. That’s because commuting to work can get pricey. However, with the right approach, your commute doesn’t need to bleed your bank account dry. Try to adopt these four simple habits to save money on your daily commute. Drive Less.

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Eco-Friendly Commuting: What Are Some Options?

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In addition to the hours of your life you’ll never get back and the high cost of fuel that’s eating away at your paycheck, there are also environmental concerns to consider. Every minute spent inching along the freeway equates to increasing greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling (pardon the pun) global warming. These modes of transportation can provide for a cost-effective means of getting to and from work.

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Amazon Prime Price Increase {$99 Per Year}

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Even as fuel and transportation costs have increased, the price of Prime has remained the same for nine years. I just received notice that Amazon Prime will be increasing the membership price to $99.00 per year. Will you be keeping your membership? You can check on your renewal date or cancel your membership here. Here is the letter they sent: We are writing to provide you advance notice that the price of your Prime membership will be increasing.

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How to Save Cash and Your Health With a Garden

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This is a huge consideration for environmentalists because of the pollution of the trucks used to transport the food. When you grow your own food, it has no food miles and you are also saving on the fuel costs to get you to the store to buy what you need. Because what you grow tends to be perishable, you could shop less regularly for other food staples that are non-perishable, saving even more fuel.

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How to Plan a Multi-Generation Family Vacation

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We Baby Boomers are fueling the travel industry and many of us are taking our extended families along on our vacations. You need a time-frame to figure out an estimated cost due to seasonally different rates on attractions, lodging and transportation costs. If you are going to fly or take some other transportation with limited baggage capability, think about trying to avoid duplicates of certain items and plan who will bring what on those.

Happy Earth Day!

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If you''ve got the time and money: ~Buy a fuel efficient car. Take public transportation or car pool. Other than Christmas, this is my favorite time of the year! Everyone is talking about ways to save the planet, the weather is getting warmer, what''s not to love? If you haven''t started doing more green things, now is the perfect time to start! It''s a lot easier than you think. These only take a few minutes (or less) and cost nothing (most will save you $$)!

How to Become an Earth Friendly Consumer

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This saves on packaging as well as transportation because larger amounts can be shipped in one load. Plus by buying local, you are cutting down on the carbon emissions produced by food transportation. This saves on stamps, paper, fuel, and mail transport which not only is more eco friendly but it also saves your money. According to Environmental Defense, North America is ranked as the number 1 contributor to global warming. Can you believe that? Sadly, I can.

How to Establish an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

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Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels by driving less and using public transport or walking; reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights to empty rooms and appliances at the wall; choose energy-efficient appliances and alternative power sources; change to CFL light bulbs. Sustainability is the process of adopting a sustainable lifestyle that ensures the conservation and security of the Earth’s natural resources.

9 Ways to Save at the Pump

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Of course, driving less can help reduce the amount of gas you use, and therefore need to buy, but when carpooling, riding your bike, or using alternative transportation just isn’t feasible, then you can still use these tips to help you save at the pump. Several grocery stores over rewards that can be redeemed toward fuel savings. In Arizona, shop at Fry’s or Safeway, and you can earn points to save up to $1 per gallon of fuel when you fill up.

How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

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Transportation: loan payments, fuel, insurance, service/repairs, necessary parking/tolls. Do you feel like you have more month than money? Do you look at your bank account and wonder, “where did all the money go?” ” We’ve been there too. Many years ago, our cash flow sucked, we put Christmas on a credit card, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for a large tax bill. During that time, I started to budget for everything.

Culling Sustenence For Less

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Unlike grain and corn feed, grass requires no fossil fuel for transport. To buy a side of beef, you need to find a source, perhaps find other beef-lovers to split the cost, transport the meat, and find storage space. This post has been reprinted from the Frugal Luxuries Food blog circa 2009. Interesting and unusual ways to gather sustenance George Bernard Shaw pointed out “There is no love sincerer than the love of fo od” and I heartily agree!