5 Insurance Issues for Entrepreneurs

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One of the items that many entrepreneurs overlook when they get started is insurance. When you’re starting a business, it doesn’t seem important to worry overmuch about insurance. Here are 5 insurance issues to watch out for: 1. Life Insurance.

Protect Your Home – Don’t Go Without Home Insurance

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When the house burned down, the community learned that the owners of the home didn’t have insurance on it. I believe that home insurance should be mandatory for every home owner. Importance of Home Insurance. Don’t be stranded without insurance when your house is flooding.

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Is It Worth It To Purchase Insurance For Your Smartphone?

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And, being that it’s not the cheapest cell phone in the world, it’s also understandable why you may be contemplating if you should get insurance for it. You May End Up With A Poor Replacement. Your Warranty May Cover The Phone Anyway.

4 Good Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance

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Insurance has always been something that most of us aren’t really sure about getting. Although life insurance sounds sensible, other types of insurance such as travel insurance may make us think twice. So is getting travel insurance really worth it?

5 Tips on Buying Employee Liability Insurance

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This makes it important to find suitable public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance which covers any of your employee’s mistakes. Therefore is it important to take out employers liability insurance. Related posts: How to Save Money on Car Insurance.

Who Needs Umbrella Liability Insurance?

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Have you ever felt like buying insurance was the biggest ripoff ever? Sure, you might get lucky and not ever need it, but on the other hand, total disaster may strike. What is umbrella liability insurance? How much does umbrella liability insurance cost?

Healthy Habits: Skimping on Insurance? Don’t Skip These Important Health Tests

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With the healthcare system is crisis, tons of red tape and fewer doctors accepting insurance, managing one’s health has become a major challenge. The test is designed to detect infection, inflammation or cellular abnormalities in the cervix which may lead to cervical cancer. Some women diagnosed with HPV who may have had abnormal results are often monitored even more closely.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

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The most essential priority after buying a new vehicle is to get it covered by insurance. Though it is not very difficult now to get an estimate for the car insurance, you may need help understanding the terms and benefits that one is likely to get out of the insurance.

Best Employment Benefits (That You May Not Know You Already Have)

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Check your benefits package – you may even have access to these: Massage Therapy. This works really well for people who may have unusual medical needs. Life Insurance. Another huge benefit of working for my employer is life insurance.

Buying a Home With the Help of Mortgage Insurance

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If you’re one of the many people who can’t afford to put down the preferred 20% down payment, then you will be required by the lender to get mortgage insurance. The Definition of Mortgage Insurance. Mortgage Insurance Financial Benefits. Additional Benefits to Mortgage Insurance.

Is it Time to Switch Auto Insurance Companies?

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Many auto insurance policyholders pay far more than they ought to for their insurance coverage. There are plenty of ways drivers can work to save money on their premiums and reduce the cost of being insured. Compare Top Insurance Providers. Consider Specialty Insurers.

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Marnie's Coupon-a-ram-a: Do a Budget Check Up

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Can you save on insurance costs? This year, we found a company that offered us a drastically reduced bill on our various insurance coverages if we did them all thru them. May 26 - June 2 (29). May 19 - May 26 (23). May 12 - May 19 (31).

Marnie's Coupon-a-ram-a: Earthquakes, again

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Oklahoma getting hit by multiple small earthquakes again last night prompts us to remind everyone to make sure their household insurance (renters or homeowners) covers earthquake damage. May 26 - June 2 (29). May 19 - May 26 (23). May 12 - May 19 (31).

Get Your Flu Shot @ CVS ~ If You Don't Have Insurance Receive a $5 Gift Card

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CVS offers flu shots at the pharmacy--so if you plan on getting one this year you may want to while you do your CVS deal shopping. They accept many insurance plans but if you are not covered and choose to get your shot at CVS you will receive a $5 gift card. Last year they were $29.95, I have not seen a price listed for this year. You can call and make an appointment or schedule one online--. cvs flu shots

Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #236 – May 11, 2012

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Welcome to the May 11, 2012 Edition #236 of the Carnival of Financial Planning. Mike presents May Blog Evolution Report… + Income Stats! posted at The Financial Blogger , saying, “The online income for May. Insurance and Risk Hank presents What Is Gap Insurance On Your Car And Why You Need It posted at Money Q&A , saying, “What is gap insurance? ” Green Panda presents 2 Great Reasons Why Young People Need Life Insurance Too!

Car Shopping With Your Teen Driver: Be Safe and Save

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Odometer tampering, for example, is on the rise—the Chicago Tribune reports that dishonest sellers and dealers are rolling back odometers with high mileage to much lower numbers, which means that your teen could end up with a vehicle that may have deteriorating or worn out parts.

Giveaway: $50 Home Depot Gift Card

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For those planning a wedding, with all the organizing, the first thing on your mind may not be insurance, but that is why the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) created the Insurance Survival Guide for Newlyweds.

Plum District Deals: Lock & Lock Food Storage Containers

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The Lock & Lock Deal is back at Plum District ! These are awesome food containers that your kitchen can't be without; they make great gifts too. If you're new to Plum District , register here first ; If you're already registered, score this deal here.

Tips to Spring Clean Your Finances

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BankRate recommends using the spring season to consolidate multiple accounts that may be serving a similar purpose, or slimming down your account portfolio to eliminate accounts that aren’t doing anything for you right now. Re-Examine Your Insurance.

Forget the Small Stuff; Save Money on Bigger Costs

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You may have to wait a little longer to see some of your entertainment, but that’s a big savings that you can take to the bank each month. Insurance Premiums. You might be surprised at how few people actually shop around for lower insurance premiums on a regular basis.

Can I Get A Price Check?

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One week I may consult the doctor for five minutes and be charged $100, and the next time I’m in with the same doctor for the same amount of time, I’m charged $150. I wonder if it has something to do with billing the largest amount possible to the insurance companies.

Seven Questions to Answer Before You Retire

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You may not be able to retire if your income won’t support the luxurious lifestyle you are hoping to live! If not, you may want to rethink retirement. I was lucky on the health, dental and vision insurance, as my spouse’s plan covers me as well.

Create a Personal Escrow Account for Your Quarterly & Yearly Bills

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Our home-owner’s insurance, auto insurance, and local real-estate taxes (for our home and our business property) are due, and on top of that, we also owed the Federal government this year. My list includes: home owners insurance – due yearly. auto insurance – due yearly.

11 Ways To Make Personal Travel More Sustainable And Less Polluting

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Sure, your mind may go right to taking the subway or hailing a taxi, but there are many ways to make travel more sustainable and a lot less polluting. Doing so eliminates car payments, insurance bills, and maintenance costs. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Yakezie Carnival – Credit Cards Edition

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Life Insurance: 10 myths – Life insurance is one of the most misunderstood financial products that the average citizen encounter. This post discusses the top 10 myths about life insurance. Personal Finance Journey : Should You Leave a Life Insurance Policy to Your Kids?

Learn How to Protect Your Child’s College Fund

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Depending on when this happens, you may get only a portion of your tuition payment and associated fees returned. Now there is a way to protect your child’s college fund in the same way you protect your home, with Allianz Tuition Insurance.

10 Money Saving Tips for Your Home

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Insurance: Home insurance can be costly, but scrimping or going without cover could cost you heavily further down the line. Shop around and get a number of different home insurance quotes. In the current economic climate, many households are trying to save money.

What Can Go Wrong – Naming a Beneficiary

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All of your estate planning needs to head in the same direction and should be reviewed in whole to insure that the distributions you intend to make are actually clear in the documents. Your estate’s assets may also be subject to creditors whereas other choices provide protection from your creditors. If you left a large part of your estate to someone other than your spouse your spouse may contest your designations and often might win.

Totally Money Blog Carnival #18 – 6 Ways to Save Money Edition

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Also, make sure you aren’t paying unnecessary fees for things like credit card insurance. South County Girl presents Car Insurance Changes Again, Part 2. A post about breaking down your insurance costs and how you can budget for them. Tom presents What Is Term Life Insurance?

3 Employer Benefits You Must Take Advantage Of

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Think about all the medical expenses you may have over the next year. Readers: Aside from health insurance, what benefits to you take advantage of? In my last article we talked about getting the most out of your primary employer.

5 Things You Should Know When Planning Your Financial Future

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A life insurance policy is probably the first thing most people buy. In the past, single people did not make getting a life insurance policy a priority. That’s no longer the case in recent years, and today even young people are buying insurance.

Summer 2014 Movie Programs for Kids

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Cineplex : Attend Saturday mornings in May and June at 11am for Cineplex Family Favourites. And score 2 FREE tickets by visiting a participating American Family Insurance agent.

How Anyone Can Create Passive Income

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Many of us may not have the deep pockets of the wealthy, but what can we attain that also has value? This statement says it all – we may not have the money to invest in real estate or a big business, but we most likely can invest our time. Insurance Sales.

6 Ways to Save Money On a Gym Membership

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Guest Author Bio: Kalen Smith writes about health insurance and related topics for [link]. Gym memberships are more negotiable than you may think, particularly with reasonable managers. Take advantage of health insurance discounts.

6 Steps to Creating a Budget You Can Stick To

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You want to include all expenditures including, but not limited to: Housing- rent, mortgage, homeowner fees, homeowner insurance, lawn care services, housekeeping services, etc. Transportation- car note, car insurance, maintenance, gas, etc.

The Easiest Ways to Save Money on Household Expenses

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A good part of our monthly income is spent on grocery shopping, and the budget may even go higher depending on whether it’s a holiday or a birthday where you need to feed more people. Reduce Your Insurance Premiums. Insurance is costly. We know that times are tough.

Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

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You may not be able to store six months of non-perishable food items in a small apartment, but you can at least get through the initial stages of a crisis with the help of a 72-hour kit and what you have on hand for the week. You never know when an emergency will arise.

Get Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer

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If you hear your brakes squeaking or find you have to press harder on the brake peddle to slow your car, you may need to get your brakes done. I’m in spring cleaning mode, and I’ve been organizing my home, my computer, my online activity and now, recently, my car.

Wood Watches by JORD Product Review

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This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content, read our Disclosure Policy. The intricacy and multiplicity of the woods they utilize in their designs insure that each watch is as distinctive as the owner.

How to Prevent Three Common Disastrous Personal Financial Mistakes

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On their own, they may not seem too major but if you are guilty of more than one, you are seriously affecting your financial security.