Tips For Keeping Home Plumbing Repair Costs At A Minimum

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Finally, one excellent way to lower your monthly bills is to be proactive about keeping your home plumbing repair costs at a minimum. Below are some steps that everyone can take to reduce the costs of their plumbing bills. Cost Saving Suggestion #2 – Pick up a few basic plumbing skills. While some plumbing problems require a professional plumber to come fix, not everything does. Cost Saving Suggestion #3 – Choose green plumbing products.

Shopping Savings: LuxROCK™

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Sinks, plumbing fixtures and countertops do not need to be removed before applying this product to laminates, concrete, plywood, MDF, pre-coated and solid surfaces. Daich Coatings, makers of real stone coating applications, is offering $50 off all LuxROCK™ Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kits now through Christmas. The all-inclusive kit, which covers up to 40 square feet of space, usually retails for $299. Now through December 31, 2022, the kit is available for just $249.95


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Your Worst Home

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Most homes were small, rural farmhouses and lacked many basic amenities, complete plumbing and central heating chief among them.” Although their home was larger than described above, they had no indoor plumbing and heated with a wood stove and cooked on a wood stove. When I was born, my parents owned a 700 square foot house, with no indoor plumbing or central heat. However, by the time I was old enough to do much damage, Dad had installed a furnace and plumbing.

Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head – 75% Off – Exp 8/24

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Universal kit fits all standard bathroom plumbing. This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. 75% off a Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head and Free Shipping. ONLY $22. Features: Convert your bathroom into a spa: Enjoy utter relaxation! This shower head makes you feel like you’re getting drenched in a soft downpour as water flows from 100+ jets over an 8″ area. High flow of water feels like you’re standing under a natural waterfall.

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Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime and Rust Remover (Pack of 2) ONLY $3.22

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Will not harm plumbing or septic systems. Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime and Rust Remover (Pack of 2) ONLY $3.22. Score Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Lime and Rust Remover (Pack of 2) for ONLY $3.22 at Amazon. Get FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 or with Amazon Prime Orders. Features: Hard water toilet stain-dissolving power. Thick formula coats the entire toilet bowl. Specially formulated to destroy hard water stains in your toilet. Cleans as it disinfects.

Meet a Reader | Kaitlin, Minnesota medical mama

The Frugal Girl

As I type, the house is getting new plumbing, and we want to restore some original elements (8 ft. When Kaitlin sent in her responses and I saw that she included pictures of herself, I was all, “Woohoo!”

Good Modern Home Design is Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

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The use of various plumbing fixtures in fittings that conserve water can reduce water usage by 30% or even more. Gray-water plumbing and rainwater harvesting strategies conserve even more water but they do involve a greater, more substantial investment. By Michael Tobias.

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Bee Stung Butts, Freeze Dried Diapers and Other Hilarious Happenings of Poverty

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Today a poor person in America probably has access to electricity, telephones, food, indoor plumbing, central heat and public transportation. In my Grandparents time, none of the neighbors had electricity, indoor plumbing or central heat. Her homes had coal furnaces with radiator heating, electricity and indoor plumbing. Do you ever have days where everything seems to go wrong and you are deep down in the dumps?

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How’s your roof? And heating? Check now before winter!

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Plumbing and heating engineers. It’s autumn, and it’s time to give your home a quick check over to make sure everything is sound and solid for the coming winter. Namely your roof and your central heating, both of which can be much more expensive and tricky to put right once the weather turns really cold. read more. Home & Garden save money on heating repairs save money on roof repairs

Why You Need a Home Ownership Binder

Family Balance Sheet

Plumbing service. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine. Nationwide provided me with information regarding its In The Nation blog post. Your home will most likely be the largest purchase in your lifetime. So it makes sense to stay organized with all of the paperwork involved in every aspect of your home. When something needs replaced, repaired, or updated you will know who to call and where to go.

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Needs vs. Wants – Which Is Which?

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A lot of you would classify indoor plumbing, central heat, grocery money and gasoline as ‘needs’ But wait, are they really always needs? In her early and middle adulthood, her environment allowed her to consider our ‘necessities’ as ‘wants’ instead of ‘needs’ What did she think about these things: Indoor plumbing? Attention, personal finance readers and gurus! You think you know the difference between a need and a want – right?

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7 Ways Preparing for Emergency Survival can be Green

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They did not have indoor plumbing – using a bucket with water drawn from the well with a dipper for drinking water, and an outhouse by the shed when nature called (kids got a chamber pot at night, thank heavens). Because of my experience on my Grandparent’s farm (and my own early childhood in a home without indoor plumbing or central heat), I know first hand what it is like to live a simpler life.

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10 Ways to Transform Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Haven

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You should also perform regular checks on your home’s plumbing system and see if there are any leaks and other damage. It’s almost every day that we’re bombarded with news about climate change and its massive effects to nature and humankind. The situation is dire and it feels as if there’s no solution in sight, but there are actually a lot of things that you can do to help.

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Charmin 1 Roll at CVS and Giveaway

Nicoles Nickels

Extensive tests show that when Charmin is used as intended in a properly functioning plumbing system, it shouldn’t cause plumbing problems. I am a Charmin loyalist. There are very few brands I am 100% loyal to and Charmin is one of them. I couldn’t even really name you other brands of toilet paper because I always reach for the Charmin! I usually buy the Ultra Strong but was happy to recently find out that the Basic is also ok with me!

Christmas Gifts on a Budget: Up-cycling is the Answer

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Galvanized pipe for plumbing is perfect. Stay within budget this holiday season with up-cycled Christmas gifts. Take an afternoon and clean out all your closets, search the corners of your basement and attic for new, nearly new or usable, unwanted items. Leave no stone unturned and do not assume anything is trash. Think outside the gift giving box this season; look at old unused items that may have parts that can be reused for other interesting and unique gifts.

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Walmart: Work Pro 14-Piece Kids Starter Tool Kit $9.87 {Reg $28.87}

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Kids can use them alongside an adult to learn basic skills in carpentry, plumbing and household repairs. Have a budding engineer at home? Then this will be the perfect gift to put in his Easter basket! Only today, Walmart is offering Work Pro 14-Piece Kids Starter Tool Kit for JUST $9.87 {Reg $28.87} and you can save on shipping cost by opting for FREE Store pick up ! Plus, since you will be using the ShopAtHome link, you will get an additional 3% cash back!

The Cost of Doing Nothing

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If you forget to disconnect your hose during freezing weather, or wrap pipes that are subject to freezing, your plumbing may freeze and cause damage that requires a professional plumber to fix. The US Secretary of State, currently John Kerry today (2013-08-30) in a newscast on the possibility of intervening in Syria due to chemical weapons used there, claimed that there is a high and immediate cost of the US doing nothing in response to that use.

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Cheap Ways To Renovate Your Home

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If you can, keep the location of the plumbing intact. Home is where the heart is, but there are times when home is where the cost is. After years of wear and tear, there comes a point when your home needs a renovation whether for maintenance or to maintain its aesthetic value. Here are some tips on how to renovate your home cheaply. The Bathroom. If you can, do not move it because it is costly and tedious. Try prefabricated shower stalls.

FREE iTunes App: Where’s My Water

Saving With Shellie

The other alligators have damaged his plumbing and disrupted the water flow. Here’s another free iTunes App for Kids. Get the Where’s My Water app for iPhone and iPad. This one looks cute. Description: Swampy the Alligator lives in the sewers under the city. He is a little different from the other alligators — he’s curious, friendly, and loves taking a shower after a hard day at work. Help Swampy by guiding water to his shower! Find more Freebies I’ve posted recently.

I Am Rich Because….

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Indoor plumbing. Most people know deep down that riches are not measured by dollars alone. Having lots of money doesn’t make you rich, it just gives you options. But what does make a person rich? Most folks would say: good health, loving family and friends. While I do agree with this assessment, there are a few more things that I feel make our now living generations richer than previous ones, no matter what our bank accounts look like. What do we enjoy that our ancestors did not?

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What Do You Tolerate to Save Money?

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We waited too long to realize that the gaskets around our plumbing vents on the roof had dried out and cracked, letting water trickle down the roof and onto the ceiling. Life is full of inconveniences – large ones and small ones. We all put up with things that irritate us, sometimes due to general inertia, other times to save the cost of fixing.

Saving Money on Renovations

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While I wouldn’t recommend doing things that obviously need a professional, such as plumbing and electrical work, there are many things that you can do to save money on your renovations. My partner and I have been house shopping lately, which has proven to be a very interesting endeavor. Of course, like all home buyers (particularly property virgins ), we have a vision and don’t want to sacrifice what we want. That being said, we don’t have an unlimited budget.

Experience Based Graduation Gifts

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Simply going away from civilization, away from indoor plumbing, central heat and air, paved roads and technology for a week will give them an exceptional taste of the past. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET. The ceremonies that mark our journey through life are important. Celebrating the graduation of someone you love marks their passage from child to young adult or young adult to full fledged citizen.

What Are Earthships and What Can We Learn From Them About Saving Money?

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Such water disposal methods are not accepted under the plumbing codes of many municipalities, though. Guest Post Author Bio: This post was contributed by Jane Sanders from Debt Management. Jane makes every effort to live sustainably and is very passionate about the state of our planet. She’s also pretty keen with financial advice. Visit her site for more financial tips and debt management help. Have you ever heard of an Earthship?

A Matter of Perspective

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In a few months will the world be any worse off if the plumbing gets fixed a week from the now or in two weeks? Are you a worrier? A little stress is a good thing. Stress makes you practice that speech, study for that test, re-edit that document, and re-test that theory. Too much stress is bad for your health. Continual stress can, according to WebMD : “… be linked to headaches, an upset stomach, back pain, and trouble sleeping.

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How Pinterest Can Save You Money

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Some of the projects I’ve completed have included a custom shelving unit made only from plumbing pipes and hand-cut pine boards, lighting fixtures, picture frames that double as thermostat covers, pillows and even a hand-stenciled rug that resides in my bedroom that I happily walk on each day. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET.

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Green Energy Jobs- What Are Your Options?

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Credentials/Licenses : Onsite foremen typically hold a state license for any of the following depending on the installed system: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contracting, Electrical Work, Geology, or Plumbing. Green jobs are becoming all the rage as of late. Whatever your personal beliefs on why that’s happening, there’s no denying it’s true.

5 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Child About Money- Part 2

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

You may remember the time your dad rescued a toy from the toilet trap , saving us an expensive plumbing repair bill. 5 Pieces of Advice to Tell Your Child About Money is a series that will run every Tuesday for the next few weeks where some of the top personal finance bloggers share their thoughts on this topic. At the end of the series I will post my own 5 pieces of advice. The entire series can be found under Money Tips.

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Live Green and Get More Green in Your Wallet

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Whether you co-op for fresh vegetables, trade plumbing services for lawn care, or spare auto parts for fire wood, keeping in touch with others who embrace the same frugal lifestyle concepts can actually help you save money, and potentially reduce your carbon footprint in the long run. Guest Post Author Bio: The following is a guest post by Lisa at Car Insurance Comparison, an Australian blog created to help its readers compare car insurance in and around their areas.

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DIY Jewelry-DIY Rings

Fashion Without Guilt

Also, Love Aesthetics another DIY fashion blog , used brass plumbing bolts as rings in this DIY project. DIY is a something that I have always wanted to try but never really put forth the effort. I was checking out Chic Steals yesterday and came across a cool DIY ring post. A Pair and A Spare , used bolts from her local hardware store and elastic to create this coveted DIY rings. DIY jewelry, I think is a easy way for me to start my DIY journey.

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Is Self-Sufficiency Possible in the 21st Century?

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Many families remember a time, not too far gone, when their ancestors lived in a rural community without the benefit of electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, central heat or air conditioning. It wasn’t so very long ago that most North Americans were self-sufficient. Instead they had a well, an outhouse, a wood burning stove for heat and another for cooking. They had a cow for milk, chickens for eggs and a garden for vegetables.

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Father’s Day Gift Idea! The Family Handyman Magazine Subscription Just $4.49 per Year

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About: Each issue of Family Handyman is filled with in-depth plans for a wide variety of projects including cabinetry, plumbing and electrical repair, gardening and building decks along with wallpapering and painting. Great Fathers Day Gift Idea! Right now get a subscription to Family Handyman Magazine for just $4.49 per year. Just enter coupon code: SAVINGCENTS when checking out. You can get up to 3 years at this price.

Family Handyman Magazine Subscription Just $4.99 Per Year

Saving Cents With Sense

About: Each issue of Family Handyman is filled with in-depth plans for a wide variety of projects including cabinetry, plumbing and electrical repair, gardening and building decks along with wallpapering and painting. There is new magazine deal available, right now on a subscription to Family Handyman Magazine for just $4.99 per year. Just enter coupon code: SAVINGCENTS when checking out. You can get up to 3 years at this price.

Professional-Grade Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier 67% Off + FREE Shipping!

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Kills mold and mildew lurking around between crevices, tiles, and plumbing. Here’s a good deal for those of you who suffer from allergies. Today, you can get this Professional-Grade Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier for only $39.99 (67% off) + FREE shipping. This has a quiet function, too. Product Features: Powerful, yet super lightweight, compact, and space-saving design. Adjustable control knob lets you customize the purification power according to the conditions.

Groupon: $10 for Dog Rocks Water Bowl Treatment!

Nicoles Nickels

Once placed in your pup’s water dish, minerals from the rocks slowly infiltrate your pet’s plumbing, leading to visibly healthier lawns within five weeks. Keep your lawn green with this Groupon! Pay just $10 for a two months supply of Dog Rocks Water Bowl Treatment! Regularly a $16.99 list price. Dog Rocks. Dog Rocks provide a natural way for dog owners to eliminate the yellow, dry marks that dog urine burns into their lawns.

Save Money With DIY Home Repairs

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For example, the average homeowner isn’t going to be able to troubleshoot and repair major plumbing and electrical problems. Every homeowner knows their home is a major investment that needs to be protected with maintenance and repairs, but not everyone knows how to perform home maintenance and professionals are expensive.

DIY Landscaping Tips to Prepare for Fall

Saving Cents With Sense

Once the conduit is plumb, connect it to the wall with the conduit hangers. When autumn arrives, it is time to prepare your home for winter— and there are a few projects to consider. For example, installing a motion-sensor floodlight decreases the possibility of injuries related to a slip and fall. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists inadequate lighting amongst the top 10 reasons an individual falls.

Kroger Coupon Matchups 8/17/2014

For the Mommas

Here are your Kroger Coupon Matchups for the week of 8/17/14. If you are new to FTM Coupon match ups, check out the How to Understand Coupon Matchups here. Meat/Seafood/Deli Jimmy Dean Sausage $2.99 $0.55/1 Jimmy Dean Product, exp. 8/31/14 (RP 08/03/14 #2) $1/2 Jimmy Dean or Jimmy Dean Delights Product (Kroger Digital Coupon). Final Price: $2.44 Gorton''s Seafood $4.50 $1/2 Gorton''s Items printable (exp. 6/30/15) $1/2 Gorton''s Items printable. Final Price: $4.00

Target Coupon Matchups 9/11 – 9/17

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after coupons Drano - $3.50 - $0.50/1 Drano Plumbing Item Target printable = $3 after coupons PET Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, 40 lb - $13.99 - $1.50/1 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter printable = $12.49 Here are the best deals I see at Target this week and remember you can save $.05 05 with each reusable bag you use at Target. Thanks to Tracie at Penny Pinchin Mom for helping to compile this list! New to coupons? Visit Couponing 101 and Coupon Lingo.