Our 2018 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

Did you make 2018 financial goals ? My husband and I discussed some ideas over our holiday break and we decided on 2 solid must-achieve financial goals for the year. If we complete them early, we’ll move on to 2 additional goals that are on our radar. Our 2 Main Financial Goals for 2018: 1 – Finish the will. 2 Additional Goals: If we save the $10k early, we’d like to work on the following 2 goals.

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (tips from the achievers)

Family Balance Sheet

Wonder what sets you apart from the people that seem to crush their financial goals? You might even find yourself wondering, “well, they don’t know my circumstances”, or “they can’t have it that bad,” or “their life must be so much easier than mine.” with their goals. These folks didn’t corner the market on goal success either, instead they just got the task DONE. She hit that goal in September 2016.


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#SavingsPledge: Setting Smart Financial Goals

Saving With Shellie

Today I thought I’d take a minute to go over some ideas to set smart financial goals. If you have ever taken a business class, you’ve learned about setting goals that follow the SMART acronym. This method isn’t just for business moguls, you can (and should) apply it to your personal goals to help you be more successful. So, take your Savings.com Savings Pledge goal and see how your plan measures up against the SMART method?

25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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And while I don’t like parting with our money, I am grateful that this repair won’t send us into financial distress. Follow these three action steps and the list of ideas below to find the cash for your fund. Now it’s time to FIND THE MONEY!

Find out how Lydia & her Husband Paid off $36,000 in Debt in 2 Years

Family Balance Sheet

I ended up spending the remainder of my pregnancy using a cane. Decide here and now what your goals are and write them down. Who initiated the debt free goal? We had a rough few years financially and we just looked at each other one day and realized we couldn’t live like that anymore. We took a deep breath, celebrated for five seconds and then set about a new goal of saving for a down payment. What are your financial goals now?

Debt 212

25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

Family Balance Sheet

And while I don’t like parting with our money, I am grateful that this repair won’t send us into financial distress. Follow these three action steps and the list of ideas below to find the cash for your fund. We use an online account like, Capital One 360 (my referral link). Now it’s time to FIND THE MONEY! 30 Ways to Find Money for your Emergency Fund. Look for money within your budget and find creative ways to earn extra money.

Find out how Richard paid off $40,000 of debt

Family Balance Sheet

Today’s Debt Free Story is from Richard of Frugality Magazine , where he shares frugal living tips for financial freedom. Of course, the British climate isn’t always kind, but I’m pleased to say the weather recently has been glorious and I’ve been making full use of it! Career-wise while I studied biology at university I came out to find very few opportunities in my field. Finally that careful financial tightrope I was walking came tumbling down.

Debt 158

Find out How Brian & His Wife Paid off $109,000 in Credit Card Debt

Family Balance Sheet

We used the debt snowball technique to help build momentum. We cut up our credit cards and never used them again. If married, who initiated the debt free goal? The short term sacrifice was for the long term goal of being debt free. I used to handle it, but today it’s a joint discussion. What are your financial goals now? My goal with sharing our story and maintaining Debt Discipline is to hopefully help someone else out there in need.

Debt 207

Find out how Jessica paid off $56,000 of student loans, credit cards, and a car loan.

Family Balance Sheet

She owns Every Single Dollar , an online financial resource dedicated to helping single women make informed financial decisions and set themselves up for financial success. I am used to moving a lot! How they sacrificed to win financially. I ended up taking Financial Peace University as well. Also find inexpensive entertainment in your area – there are lots of free events in your local communities to take advantage of.

Find out How Acadia & Her Husband Paid off $97,000 in Student Loans

Family Balance Sheet

It took us two years of my husband working full-time at his job and then using every other second to work on the house. We only want to live with what we use on a regular basis and what supports our lifestyle. We used my husband’s gifts for architecture, design, and carpentry to our advantage. We found our strengths and came up with a way to use those in getting out of debt. The money that we used to spend on debt now goes into savings.

Find out how Jessica & Her Husband Paid off $175,000 of Debt

Family Balance Sheet

Our lives have been forever changed and our opportunity to financial success in the future are greater than they could have ever been! He was always trying to put us on budgets, help us look for ways to save and not spend so much but we never found a system that worked for us and continued in spending behaviors that didn’t help advance goals. 2 years ago we were noticing our family was accumulating a lot of bad behaviors with our health, financial and quality time as a family.

Debt 196

Find out how Maureen Paid off $79,540 in Credit Card & Student Loan Debt

Family Balance Sheet

In fact, I used the best strategies I read about and developed a plan of action that best suited my particular situation. I realized early on that my use of money (overspending, shopaholic behavior) was tied very specifically to how I felt about myself as a person, and began to see that I used money to fill my unmet need for love and belonging. Use coupons because you can really save money this way. You’d be amazed the money you can save by using these apps.

Debt 194

Find out how Anna paid off $23,605 in college, personal loans, and credit cards.

Family Balance Sheet

I sold old stuff I no longer used/wanted. If married, who initiated the debt free goal? No longer was I able to participate the way I used to so that caused a lot of stress. What are your financial goals now? Please note, I AM NOT A FINANCIAL PLANNER. The post Find out how Anna paid off $23,605 in college, personal loans, and credit cards. Today’s Debt Free Story is from Anna. She is on a mission to help others become debt free.

Find out How Drew & Farrah Paid off $200k of debt, including their HOME

Family Balance Sheet

We obviously love Dave Ramsey and financial teachings so we help to teach those classes at our church one night a week. Once we got crap in order, we just kept finding ways to make more money. Working together, sharing the same goals and vision, talking about milestones. Find stuff on the side of the road and sell it on craigslist or Facebook. If married, who initiated the debt free goal? We would keep our goals on paper on the fridge.

Debt 149

Find Out How Olivia & Her Husband Paid off Their Mortgage in 33 Months

Family Balance Sheet

Our initial goal was to pay off our 15 year mortgage in 7-8 years by doubling our payment each month. That is an extremely small amount of interest on a house because of how quickly we paid it off, but to us, that is $11,000 that could have gone into investments or been used elsewhere. We purposefully waited to have kids (4 years) until we felt financially sound. We read both of Dave’s books (Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover). I rarely use coupons.

2015 186

Find out how Charissa and Her Husband Paid Off $7665 of Debt and Cash Flowed College

Family Balance Sheet

I would say that this plan helped me more in the area of using a zero-based budget and sticking with a budget. We followed a budget and switched to using cash, which helped us stay on track with the budget. T he other thing to find more money towards debt was simply picking up more work. Find your Why. Make your goals visual. If married, who initiated the debt free goal? We then celebrated by going out to get ice cream, and used a gift card.

Debt 147

Frugal February

Family Balance Sheet

How did you do with your financial goals in January? We have only one financial goal for 2019 and we made some progress in January. It was a great feeling to make that payment, and to continue the momentum I want to double down on our financial goal. The goal of Frugal February is NOT to feel deprived, . but rather find creative ways to get through the month without unnecessary spending. You might find some interesting habits.

Family Vital Information Binder

Family Balance Sheet

This binder stores ALL of your financial information in one location. In that role, I manage all of the day-to-day details regarding our financial accounts, from our personal checking to our retirement and everything in between. In fact, it was one of my 2020 financial goals.

Family 130

Family Budget Spreadsheets 2021

Family Balance Sheet

My mission has always been to help families build a strong financial plan, gain confidence with their money, and live the life of their dreams. That is why I created Family Budget Spreadsheets — a bundle of spreadsheets that we personally use to plan and budget our money.

My Word for 2021

Family Balance Sheet

After 2019, I had a lot of hope for finding a word for 2020 but struggled to find one that was meaningful to me. Read: My 2020 Financial Goals. In January 2020, we had a lot of savings goals. Cautiously, we’re turning our attention back to our savings goals.

2020 130

Have a Mindful March!

Family Balance Sheet

We made one big financial goal for 2019 and are striving and working hard to make progress. We started the year with a great January and made some progress with our goal, so to continue the momentum, I wanted to double down on our financial goal and be very mindful with our finances. Our goal for 2019 is NOT to feel deprived, but rather find creative ways to get through the year without unnecessary spending. You might find some interesting habits.

March 100

How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

Family Balance Sheet

A budget could help you avoid late and insufficient funds fees, find money for an upcoming trip or expense, and ease a disagreement over finances in a marriage. Personally, budgeting has allowed us to control of our money, reach financial goals, and start planning for our dream life. I discovered the term, Zero-Based Budget, when my husband and I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University home course many years ago. We have been using this system ever since.

Introducing: Family Budget Spreadsheets

Family Balance Sheet

I’ve been working behind the scenes on a tool that I personally use to track and organize our finances: Family Budget Spreadsheets. I found a lot of printable (pdf) budgets, but couldn’t find a spreadsheet that I liked. There was a month in 2013 where I hadn’t planned on a large property tax bill and I wasn’t sure where we were going to find the money. Actual Spending Log – Use this spreadsheet to enter your actual income and spending for each month.

Where I Found $370 Debt Snowball Money in January

Family Balance Sheet

Our main financial goal in 2015 is to pay down our non-mortgage debt. Where can we find extra money? I have scrutinized our budget tirelessly and I really feel like there’s nothing more to cut, so my focus is turning to finding money to put towards debt. As I find extra money, I will of course share with you and I’d like to also hear where you found extra money too. We use a Discover credit card to pay for monthly expenses at our business.

Debt 165

How to Create a Family Balance Sheet + Get a FREE one for your family!

Family Balance Sheet

My Excel spreadsheet listed our short-term and long-term account balances, our debts, and our short-term and long-term financial goals. I STILL use our spreadsheet today. To find the value of our home, I looked at what comparable homes in my neighborhood recently sold for.

2020 204

How to Manage Different Investment Risk Tolerances Between Spouses

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

After 40+ years of marriage, my spouse and I have come to acknowledge that one of us is more of a financial risk taker than the other. what kind of emotional issues you have with money and what kind of financial education you received. The other is to find out what your ‘money personality’ is by rating your money use, acquisition and management tenancies as one of three states: Acquisition: Avoidant Secure Insatiable. Find your risk tolerance.

2013 181

You CAN Choose Wealth

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Most of us, however, have to really work at it to become financially independent. If you grew up in a poor household and were not ever exposed to the possibility that you could become financially independent, you are not likely to do so. If you surround yourself with nay-sayers who don’t believe that you can change your financial circumstances, you are unlikely to do so. Find and study other ways of living, earning, learning and dreaming.

2015 141

Shannon & Her Husband Paid off $22,000 in 9 Months

Family Balance Sheet

Luckily, even without misguided financial beliefs, we did pay off a significant portion of our debt before having kids. I finally got inspired that we should at least start working on this huge goal of being debt free when I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. We also continued using debit and credit cards (paid in full multiple times per month) for the convenience of tracking our expenses online. If married, who initiated the debt free goal?

2015 208

Things to Do When You are Unplugged

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

At the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to have one hour of unplugged time each evening to enjoy offline and tech-free activities. This goal specifically was meant to foster more one-on-one time with my then fiancé (now husband!!), We have bikes, so we like to get out and use those on the cooler, drier days. We usually find a park or a trail that we haven’t explored before and check it out.

2014 175

Chit Chat: 06.17.18

Family Balance Sheet

We used gift cards on 3 nights, ate leftovers on 1 night, and grilled burgers on the last night. The restaurant isn’t exactly kid-friendly and we were waiting for the right time to use. Some of my finds: Red ladies’ size 9 red Converse for $2.50 – These retail for about $40 and this pair was hardly worn and will fit my oldest daughter. These wristlets were never used. My girls were very excited about this find.

2018 100

Get your FREE Family Balance Sheet Excel Spreadsheet

Family Balance Sheet

The spreadsheet listed our short-term and long-term account balances, our debts, and our short-term and long-term financial goals. I STILL use our spreadsheet today. We are working towards some pretty big financial goals and we’ve hit quite a few already. Net worth is used often in regards to wealthy families, but honestly, it’s a formula everyone should embrace , so it’s time to change our mindset. Our goal: Increase Net Worth.

2017 100

Meet Carrie. She Paid Off $14,000 in Debt in 14 Months.

Family Balance Sheet

I knew then, that no matter what it took, I had to dig myself out of this financial situation and move. I started Careful Cents and used that as a platform to find freelance writing opportunities. I also found small ways to earn extra money, specifically flipping yard sale finds for a profit on eBay. Who initiated the debt free goal? He leaves most of the financial goals up to me, but we make the decisions together.

Debt 185

3 Monthly Expenses to Reduce Without Feeling a Sacrifice

Family Balance Sheet

When my husband and I wrote our Debt Freedom Plan earlier this year, we made a commitment to scrutinize our monthly expenses to find money to put towards our plan. We want to achieve our financial goals, but still enjoy life. We use the gym, so we’ve never felt like it was a waste of money. Cutting cable is definitely a big step, but it you’re ready to take the leap, find out How We Watch Great TV Without Cable.

2014 195

Frugal Friday 12.02.16

Family Balance Sheet

It’s Frugal Friday: A recap of how we frugal-ed our way through the week so that we have more money to put towards our financial goals. What We Ate this Week: Sunday: Using leftover turkey & gravy, I made Turkey & Waffles , steamed vegetable. Tuesday: Using leftover turkey, I made Turkey Noodle Soup and served with a salad and homemade sugar-free applesauce. What bargains did you find? . I started using a really cool Savory Cooking app on my iPad.

Frugal 100

A Sweeter Way to Cook Your Budget

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

If you’ve ever wanted to find a way to make either activity enjoyable, I’ll share my secrets. I’d estimate that it’s the recipe 80% of Americans use, because it’s the one on the back of the Toll House chocolate chip bag. Yet for a few years I made the Toll House recipe, because that’s what everyone I talked to was using for a recipe. If you Google how to make a budget, you’ll find the same boilerplate list of steps on thousands of sites.

Choose Thrift First – April Meeting

Family Balance Sheet

We have some hefty financial goals this year and this is just one more way for me to squeeze more from our budget. I need spring clothes and I always find the cutest name brand tops at BJ’s at decent low prices. We’re amazed at how much used high mileage SUVs can still be, but a new vehicle is completely out of the question. I’m a bit squeamish about bringing used upholstered furniture into my house.

What We Ate this Week on our Budget 10.13.17

Family Balance Sheet

It’s a tight budget and I failed miserably recently, but we have lots of financial goals, so I need to get it back in line. Wednesday: I used the Instant Pot to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Thursday: We had leftover mashed potatoes (the meatloaf was gobbled up), so I used the Instant Pot again to make shredded chicken with gravy. These posts will help: How to Save Money on Groceries WITHOUT Using Coupons. How I Use Pinterest for Meal Planning.

2017 100

It’s Frugal Friday: 10/28/16

Family Balance Sheet

It’s Frugal Friday: A recap of how we frugal-ed our way through the week so that we have more money to put towards our financial goals. How We Saved this Week: All of the meat that I used this week for my menu was from the markdown section of the grocery store. After shaking off some laziness, I got back in the habit of using my favorite cash back grocery apps and was able to transfer $20 from ibotta to my checking account.

Frugal 116

How to Conduct an Effective Family Financial Analysis

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Many parents are finding it hard to control their finances and stretch their wallet these days more than ever. Why You Should Conduct a Financial Analysis. Arranging a family financial analysis is very important to long term financial success. Here are are five reasons why budgeting for your family is important: A thorough financial analysis helps you…. achieve financial targets. How to Conduct a Financial Analysis. Set Financial Goals.

2011 164

Friday Links – School Update Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

I have long days working all day and then going to class at night; Not to mention I have to find time to study and get homework done. Are you struggling to find motivation with your financial goals? Using Kids Crafts to Teach the Gift of Giving. Happy Friday everyone. Hope your week went well. My week, just like last week has been a blur. This course is taking a lot out of me.

5 Essential Money Tips for Newlyweds

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Pretty soon, though, you are likely to find that not everything is perfect all the time. Being a newlywed means you have a few things to get used to, and that includes the way you handle your finances. Really get into the “why” behind your financial decisions. It’s easier to understand yourself and your partner, and easier to create shared goals, when you both understand what makes you tick. Set Goals Together. Observe the Financial Basics.

Money 201

Create your debt freedom plan

Family Balance Sheet

Stressed out, we ventured into Dave Ramsey’s online Financial Peace University home course for help. Prior to FPU, we thought we were doing well financially and never considered that we had too much debt. Something happens mentally when you WRITE down your goals and plans for execution.

Debt 130

How We Frugal-ed this Week: 10/12/18

Family Balance Sheet

so that we have more money to put towards our financial goals. I find the routine keeps me in check. I still shopped this week, but I did use up some things that have been in the freezer for some time. Tuesday: Sausage, Broccoli, and Rice Skillet Dinner, using sausage from the freezer. Friday: Ham & Bean Soup – Used ham hocks that have been in the freezer for several months. Frugal Friday: A recap of how we frugal-ed our way through the week.

Frugal 100